Main Deck Renovation and Observation Floor Price Change

22 August 2019

To our patrons,

Tokyo Tower Co., Ltd.

Main Deck Renovation and Observation Floor Price Change

Thank you very much for your continuing support of Tokyo Tower. The renovation works that had begun on September 2017 will soon reach completion. Tokyo Tower will be open to the public starting from 26 September 2019 (Thurs.) with changes to the observation floor prices as listed below in the addendum.

Main Features of the Renovation Work:

1. Refurbishment of the 150m tall “main deck” windows and sashes, and observation floor.
The newly designed elevator has been inspired by the aesthetic principles found in In’ei Raisan (In Praise of Shadows). In’ei Raisan is an essay that describes the aesthetic sensibilities held by the ancient Japanese, written by the novelist Jun’ichirō Tanizaki. The interior of the elevator is deliberately kept “dark” to render the experience of walking out into the well-light main deck more awe inspiring. It will take approximately 45 seconds to reach the main deck, and by effectively playing on the contrast of “darkness” and “light” the sense of ascending is enhanced.

The window sashes and panes have been completely replaced in the main deck, which is comprised of 2 levels. The windows have been lengthened from 100cm to a maximum of 210cm, and the width has been widened from 74cm to 100cm, and the iron fencings have been removed. Our patrons will be enveloped in the vast landscape opening before their eyes, with our original BGM enhancing the experience. Moreover, by painting the inner walls in a plain and dark color scheme and utilizing glass materials, the cityscape is reflected into the interior. Also, the conventional rubber floor, which was installed with durability in mind, has been replaced with an equally durable carpet, lending the main deck an elegant and refined atmosphere

2. A newly fashioned “Club333” (Club Triple Three), on the 1st floor of the main deck.
The newly renovated “Club333”, a multi-purpose room that can host various events, including live performances, talk shows, and press release conferences, will be opening in the heart of Tokyo, 150m above ground. Previously, the venue was known as “Club Three Three Three” and was mainly used for putting on live performances. In addition to the change in name, the venue space has been enlarged and the interior completely revamped. Installed permanently on the wall is a 260-inch LED screen that can display images in 4K. The “Club333” can be used for public or private events. We are expecting strong demand for this venue space. It is the first time in Tokyo Tower’s history that a space on the observation deck can be privately used.

Interior of the main deck, “Club333” (Club Tripple Three)

3. Installment of additional glass floors, the “Sky Walk Window”, on the 1st floor of the main deck.
On the floor of the 1st level of the main deck, the popular “Sky Walk Window” (a glass floor) has been expanded by transforming 2 additional spaces. Now there are a total of 4 “Sky Walk Window” spaces. As such, areas opportune for taking photos have increased: including a space that glitters with the light emitted from iridescent stones and an area that utilizes optical illusions to create the impression of falling through the Sky Walk Window down onto the ground below.

4. A fully refurbished foyer space, the “Welcome Lounge”, in the 1st floor of Foot Town
The “Welcome Lounge”, where our patrons heading up to the observation floor are first greeted, has been fully refurbished. Along with a painting of Tokyo Tower by the designer, Goro Sasaki, and a steel model of the structure, a spectacular introductory video to the Tower (5.5m in width and 3m in height) will be projected onto 4 walls to heighten your sense of anticipation even before boarding the elevator. Furthermore, the ticket counter, which has been located outdoors for over 60 years since the Tower first opened, has been relocated to an indoor space on the 1st floor of Foot Town.

5. Newly established attractions, including the “Tower Gallery”, on the 3rd floor of Foot Town.
After enjoying the spectacular view on the main deck, the descending elevator will arrive at the 3rd floor of Foot Town where the expanded official shop is located, along with the newly established “Tower Gallery”. Valuable materials pertaining to Tokyo Tower will be on display and seasonal exhibits will also be regularly held. We have named this zone, “The Corridor”.

To ensure that our patrons have an enjoyable experience at Tokyo Tower, we will continue to improve our facilities and the quality of our customer service. Thank you for your understanding and support.

1. Main deck opening date and new observation floor fee implementation date.
26 September 2019 (Thurs.)

2. Main deck (150m), revised fees.

New PriceCurrent Price
Adult 1,200 Yen 900 Yen
(elementary, middle-school student)
700 Yen 500 Yen
(over 4 years of age)
500 Yen 400 Yen

3. Top deck tour (250m), revised fees.

On the Spot
Purchase Price
Purchase Price
Current Price
Adult 3,000 Yen 2,800 Yen 2,800 Yen
(elementary, middle-school student)
2,000 Yen 1,800 Yen 1,800 Yen
(over 4 years of age)
1,400 Yen 1,200 Yen 1,200 Yen

* Current prices will apply for customers purchasing a “top deck tour” through Tokyo Tower’s website.
* Please refer to the following URL for further information concerning the advance purchase of “top deck tour” tickets :

Tokyo Tower Top Deck Tour


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