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Kiki & Lala's 45th Anniversary Collaboration CITY LIGHT FANTASIA -Twinkle color miracle☆-

Meet Kiki & Lala this summer with our vibrant and colorful projection mapping on the main deck windows!

TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA is a projection mapping event that combines with the night views and changes with the seasons. The graceful and stunning images are projected onto the main deck windows, with the backdrop of the city at night. Visitors can get a taste of Japan's seasons even while they are indoors.

This summer, we will be doing a limited collaboration to mark the 45th anniversary of popular characters Kiki & Lala! The mapping images will be packed with summer delights like the star festival, the sea, and fireworks, with Kiki and Lala's signature colors taking center stage.


Enjoy summer with Kiki & Lala, with a spectacular 3-minute projection mapping x night view experience.
Check it out together with the Milky Way Illumination, also being held at the Main Deck.

TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA -Twinkle color miracle☆-

Event dates:(Wed) to Sep 22 (Tue, public holiday)
Starting times vary according to the following:
      Jul 1 (Wed) to Jul 31 (Fri)      19:30~22:50
      Aug 1 (Sat) to Aug 26 (Wed)    19:00~22:50
      Aug 27 (Thu) to Sep 22 (Tue, public holiday) 18:30~22:50
※ On days when Tokyo Tower has shortened opening hours, the event hours will be shortened accordingly.
Venue:  Main Deck 2F
Fee:   Main Deck entrance fee only

That's not all! We will also be offering a Kiki & Lala collaboration cafe menu!

At CAFÉ la TOUR on the Main Deck 1F, you can find cute and delicious Kiki & Lala collaboration soft creams (5 kinds), and unique Kiki & Lala-inspired drinks (2 kinds)! They are available until Sep 30 (Wed).
Customers ordering from the Kiki & Lala drink menu will get a Kiki & Lala coaster as a gift. There are 10 types of coasters in total!

CAFÉ la TOUR x Kiki & Lala collaboration menu

Available: Jul 1 (Wed) to Sep 30 (Wed)
Hours:   10:00 to 21:30 (last order 21:00)
      ※ On days when Tokyo Tower has shortened opening hours, the cafe hours will vary accordingly.
Venue:   Main Deck 1F CAFÉ la TOUR

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