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"CITY LIGHT FANTASIA -Spring Concerto-"

The Coming of Spring Arrives at the Observation Deck
"CITY LIGHT FANTASIA -Spring Concerto-"

Projection Viewing "TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA" fuses the night view with video images that change with the season.
With the beautiful night view from the Main Deck in the background, the elegant and magnificent images projected on the surface of the window will give you the feel of the four seasons of Japan while remaining indoors.

This Spring's theme is "Spring Concerto".
The images projected are ... not only the cherry blossoms that fall scattering in the background of the night view, but also plant that grow steadily in the coming spring, lightly fluttering butterflies and animals awakening from a long hibernation.

The long-awaited springtime is about to arrive!
The projection content will impress on you with a feeling of anticipation.

The images will be projected mainly on the Northside window of the Main Deck second floor.
Please enjoy these beautiful images which overlap with the night view of Tokyo.
Also, in addition to projecting images on some floors, interactive content displaying 10 types of cherry blossoms will be displayed randomly on the large LED screen in the "club333" event space located on the first floor of the Main Deck.


●Period   March 14th (Sat) to May 24th (Sun)
●Time    Changes according to period
       March 14 (Sat) to April 19th (Sun): 18:30 - 22:50
       April 20 (Mon) to May 24th (Sun): 19:00 - 22:50
●Location  Main Deck

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