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Tokyo Tower light up again for its annual summer event "Milky Way Illumination"!

Starting June 1, Tokyo Tower is lighting up again for its annual summer event "Milky Way Illumination"!

This "Milky Way Illumination" is a representation of "the Milky Way flowing across a summer night."
It takes place on the first floor of our Main Observatory where we are planting a 360 degree blue star-studded sky across the floor.
The Milky Way flows its course through these stars as if separating the patiently still Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair).


Moreover, for the duration of this event, the outer staircase connecting the Main Observatory to the ground has similarly been fantastically reborn at night as an "outer staircase of blue stars"!
Normally only open on weekends, the 600-step outer staircase is specially open at night for the duration of the "Milky Way Illumination" event, between 17:00~22:00 on weekdays and 11:00~22:00 on weekends and holidays!
Ascend the bright and sparkling staircase and enjoy the thrill leading up to the illumination area at the Main Observatory.


Please enjoy this grand summer illumination, overflowing with the romance of the Tanabata legend,
and the nightscape offered from our observatory deck!

☆What is the Tanabata Legend?☆
There once was a hard working man named "Hikoboshi" and a hard working woman named "Orihime." The two eventually got married but were so in love that they forgot all about their work.
The Heavenly Ruler was upset when he saw this and separated them on the opposing banks of the Milky Way. However, pitying these two lovers who now lived weeping in sadness, the Heavenly Ruler promised that he would allow them to meet on the seventh day of the seventh month (Tanabata) as long as they returned to their hard working ways.

~Milky Way Illumination~

●Operation Period:June 1.~September 3. 2017
●Light Up Time:9:00~23:00 (outer staircase of blue stars 17:00~)
●Venue: first floor of the Main Observatory, direct staircase to the Main Observatory
     (ascending staircase, descending staircase)
●Price: observatory fee for the Main Observatory only
 <first floor of the Main Observatory>
  ■360 degree summer-only illumination light up on the floor representing
   "the 'Milky Way' flowing across a summer night"
 <direct staircase to the Main Observatory>
  ■Ascend the outer staircase, which has been decorated with illuminating lights,
   to the Main Observatory.
   17:00~22:00 on weekdays and 11:00~22:00 on weekends and holidays
   *Last Entrance: 22:00. Will be canceled in the event of bad weather
   *Observatory fee necessary


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