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A gathering of the abundant food of Oita!
The Jigoku-Mushi Festival opens from November 23rd to the 24th!

Oita Prefecture is the "hot spring prefecture," boasting the largest output of hot spring water
and the highest number of hot spring sources in Japan.
Home to an abundance of food and boasting one of the highest production outputs in Japan,
it is also known as the "hidden food treasury."
We are proud to present the Jigoku-Mushi Festival,
an event overflowing with the magnificent allure of Oita Prefecture,
returning this year for three days on Friday to Sunday, November 23rd to the 24th
in front of the Tokyo Tower main entrance.


①333 people will receive fresh nigiri sushi 2-kan sets for free!
A massive sushi trailer will make the long journey to the scene all the way from Oita!
We are treating 333 lucky people (666 total over the two-day event) to nigiri sushi (2 kan per person)
made with fresh Oita yellowtail and flounder on each day of the event!
*Number tickets for free sushi will be distributed at the event beginning at 9:00am on the event dates.

②Selling local Oita gourmet, local cuisine, special products for direct delivery, and more!
When it comes to Oita local gourmet food, it's all about Nakatsu kara-age, ryukyu, Bungo Channel seafood,
shochu, local sake, and the list goes on!
And we can't forget the very food that gives this event its title--Jigoku-Mushi!  
★Jigoku-Mushi is a specialty dish unique to the "hot spring prefecture," made with seafood, vegetables,
 and other seasonal Oita ingredients that are steamed in hot spring vapor.
 There will also be a variety of sales booths on display!

③Warm yourself at the foot bath corner!
This event will host a foot bath sent directly from a Beppu hot spring!
It's precisely the season when a foot bath soak feels its absolute best!

So how about it?
This is your chance to fulfill yourself with the brunt of the Oita experience.
Come to this event and savor all that this prefecture has to offer!

●Dates:  November 23rd to 24th, 10:00am - 8:00pm (-6:00pm,Last date)
●Location: In front of Tokyo Tower's 1st floor main entrance
●Admission: Free

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