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Tokyo Tower Observation Decks / Admission fees, Open Hours

Main Deck (150m) 9:00-22:30 (Last admission 22:00)
Top Deck Tour (150m&250m) 9:00-22:15 (Last Tour 21:30-21:45)

Please check here for more details.

* Final admission time for Main Deck may be brought forward depending on congestion.
* There are cases in which Top Deck Tours will be cancelled due to unavoidable situations, such as wind speeds exceeding 20 m/s (Top Deck), heavy snow or other severe weather, and facility inspections to confirm safety.

Tokyo Tower Observation Decks (Open year-round)
Main Deck
Top Deck Tour
(19 years old and over)
1,200yen [Online Tickets]2,800yen
[Ticket counter
High School
(From 16 to 18 years old)
1,000yen  [Online Tickets]2,600yen 
[Ticket counter]2,800yen 
Jr.High, Elementary School
(From 7 to 15 years old)
700yen [Online Tickets]1,800yen
[Ticket counter]2,000yen
(From 4 to 6 years old)
500yen [Online Tickets]1,200yen
[Ticket counter]1,400yen

Top Deck Tour Tickets here

※The Top Deck Tour ticket includes the admission to the Main Deck.

Group Reservation for Main Deck (150m)

20 or more and less than 50

※Group discount is applied to parties with more than 20 people.
※High school student admission fee is applied only to high school student groups.

Main Deck (150m)
Adult 1,080yen
High School
Jr. High/Elementary School 630yen
(4 years old and over)

50 people or more

Main Deck (150m)
Adult 960yen
High School
Jr. High/Elementary School 560yen
(4 years old and over)
About Applying for Group Tours
  • Customers who applied for a group tour must pay at the FootTown 1F Operation Center (group ticket window).
    (We do not take advance reservations for the elevator.)
  • We take group reservations from 20 or more people.
  • Group fees apply to 20 people or more and bulk payments.
  • You must switch elevators when moving from the Main Deck to the Top Deck.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot accept credit cards
    for fare adjustment on group tours.
  • Sightseeing buses may use the parking area free of charge during tours, for those taking a tour of the Tokyo Tower Observatories.
    *In order to apply as a group is compulsory purchase the tickets at the FootTown 1F Operation Center (group ticket window) .

Everyone in the group, please come to the Operation Center (group ticket window).

Operation Center 1F

Group Reservation for Top Deck Tour (150m&250m)

Details for Top Deck Tour and Group reservation

Customers who applied for a group tour must pay at the Operation Center located on the 1st Floor (group ticket window).


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