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We will give you a red stamp of "Tower Daijingu" in the main deck.

Historical shrine "Tower Daijingu"

Tower Daijingu on the second floor of the main deck commemorates the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the operating company of Tokyo Tower,
It was erected in 1977, hoping for the safety and health of Tokyo Tower and its visitors, and continues to this day.
It is a historical shrine that invites the Holy Spirit from Ise Shrine and enshrines Amaterasu Ogami, and many people worship throughout the year.
In particular, it is said that there are benefits to "matching" and "achieving academic achievement."

Red stamp design/delivery place


御朱印のお渡し場所は、フットタウン3階「OFFICIAL SHOP GALAXY」となります。

In addition to that, at Tower Daijingu, we also have votive tablets and amulets.
Please visit us slowly so that everyone's wishes can reach God from this shrine, which is said to be at the highest point in Tokyo's 23 wards.

Please note



こちらのページにてお知らせしておりますとおり、東京タワーの営業時間変更により、御朱印のお渡し場所となる「OFFICIAL SHOP GALAXY」の営業時間につきましても、下記の通り変更されておりますので、ご了承のほどをお願いいたします。

 【9月】 [平日]13:30~21:15 [土日]11:00~21:15
 【10月】[平日]13:30~21:15 [土日] 9:30~21:45

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