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We will give you the red stamp of "Tower Ojingu" in the main deck.

The venerable shrine "Tower Ojingu"

The Great Shinto Shrine on the 2nd floor of the main deck commemorates the 20th anniversary of the founding of the operating company of Tokyo Tower.
It was erected in 1977 in the hope of the safety and health of customers visiting Tokyo Tower and visitors, and continues to this day.
It is a venerable shrine that invites the spirit of the gods from Ise Jingu and enshrines Amaterasu Omikami, and is visited by many people throughout the year.
In particular, it is said that there are benefits to "matchmaking" and "achievement of schoolwork."

Goshuin design and delivery location


御朱印のお渡し場所は、メインデッキ2階にある「OFFICIAL SHOP THE SKY」となります。

At Tower Daijingu, we also offer votive tablets and amulets.
From this shrine, which is said to be "the highest place in Tokyo's 23 wards," please take your time to pray so that your wishes will reach the gods.



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