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A bright starry world that appears 150m above Tokyo
The summer tradition "Milky Way Illuminations" will be held on the 1st floor of the main deck!

"Milky Way Illumination" that colors the main deck (150m) with vivid lights.
Based on the theme of the Tanabata legend of Orihime and Hikoboshi, countless LED light bulbs are likened to the "countless stars" that twinkle in the night sky and the gently flowing "Milky Way". This year, it will be lit every day from Friday, June 17th to Sunday, September 4th.

Another interesting point is that as the night approaches, the light reflected on the window glass blends into the realistic night view. A glittering starry sky world spreads out like the real Milky Way over Tokyo.
Once every 15 minutes, you can also enjoy a colorful illumination show in which the "starry sky" slowly changes color into the seven-colored "Rainbow Milky Way."

More! During the period from July 4th (Monday) to August 16th (Tuesday), a special collaboration with Nissy's (Takahiro Nishijima) new song "I Need You" will be decided!
21,000 LED light bulbs will change colors regularly to match Nissy's music.

Enjoy a cool summer time with a night view and illumination competition on the main deck of Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower Milky Way Illuminations

● Implementation period June 17th (Friday) -September 4th (Sunday), 2022 
●Lighting time 9:00~22:30
      * Varies according to Tokyo Tower business hours.     
Venue: North side of the 1st floor of the main deck (in the direction of the Imperial Palace and Marunouchi)
● Hosted by TOKYO TOWER Co., Ltd.
● Planning Co., Ltd. TOKYO TOWER, Co., Ltd. KAKERUWA Co., Ltd.
● Number of light bulbs Approximately 21,000 bulbs
● Fee Only the entrance fee to the main deck
●Others *From July 3rd (Sun) to 10th (Sun), "Tanabata WeeK" will have a strip corner on the 1st floor of the main deck.
You can make a wish on the bamboo cabinet made by the flower arrangement artist Koen Yokoi.
The strips will eventually be dedicated to the "Shiba Zoujoji" at the knees of Tokyo Tower.

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Tokyo Tower Milky Way Illuminations x Nissy Special Collaboration

Nissyの新曲「I Need You」に合わせ、天の川イルミネーションがカラーチェンジします。
●実施期間 2022年7月4日(月)~8月16日(火)
●点灯時間 9:00~22:30の毎時00分、15分、30分、45分(1時間に4回)
●その他  東京タワー塔脚下のビル「フットタウン」内にて、コラボ期間中毎日(16:00以降)、Nissyの楽曲がOAされます。

Nissy (Takahiro Nishijima) OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo x Yukata dressing experience x Tokyo Tower Tennokawa Illumination Accommodation Plan

Yukata rental and dressing at "Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo" in front of Tokyo Station
Accommodation plans with tickets for the Tokyo Tower main deck are on sale.
Please enjoy the Milky Way illuminations being held this summer at Tokyo Tower by putting your sleeves on your yukata for the first time in this summer.
Nihonbashi, where the hotel is located, has many historical buildings with a retro atmosphere and is perfect for walking around the city.
It is an accommodation plan that allows you to feel like traveling in Tokyo while touching the history.

● Implementation period July 1st (Friday) -September 4th (Sunday), 2022
● Reservation period June 13th (Monday) -August 25th (Thursday) 2022

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Please see this page for Tokyo Tower business hours.

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