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Enjoy the finest mystery solving at once TOKYO Mystery solving TOWER!

At Tokyo Tower, you can solve different types of mysteries that both beginners and advanced players can enjoy.
"Shiba Park Koi Monogatari" and "code name: WIZARD" are being held.
Why don't you enjoy solving the mystery all day long from morning till night?

"Shiba Park Koi Monogatari" is a mystery solving program for adults with the theme of a love story that explores the inside of Tokyo Tower and solves the story.

We will present "Top Deck Pair Ticket", "Mystery Solving Kit" and "Treasure Box" to 3 people!



Shiba Park Koi Monogatari Official Homepage
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A new type of magical entertainment "code name: WIZARD" where you can enjoy a magical experience using a tour mystery solving x XR glass.

code name: We are also looking for trainees to challenge all the mysteries of WIZARD Episode1!

2021/7/22~2021/9/26の期間中に6章すべてをクリアした方にはティッキーデザインステッカー6種と特製魔導書風バインダー、 もしくは「code name : WIZARD 」アートブックをプレゼントします。また事前に「特製魔導書風バインダー」をご購入いただいた方には、1800円分(300円×6枚)の 割引クーポンをプレゼントいたします。


code name: WIZARD official homepage
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