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[Tokyo Tower] Tea ceremony experience "Asacha no Yu" to enjoy the sky

Enjoy a quiet time in the morning with matcha and sweets while looking down at the city from the observatory of Tokyo Tower, which rises in the center of Tokyo.
The "Morning Tea Ceremony" service will be held from November 21, 2020 (May).


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Enjoy a quiet tea in the middle of the city.

The Tokyo Tower is located in the center of Tokyo because it was built as a general radio tower, and the view from the observatory still maintains a wonderful view due to the landscape regulations of Minato Ward. I am. The observatory is crowded with a large number of customers every day, but we will guide you to the observatory by visiting us before business hours so that you can enjoy a quiet tea. You can sit in the tea ceremony room set up in the corridor of the observatory, which is a space only for customers who have tea, and enjoy luxurious clothes while looking at the morning city of Tokyo.


Open display of works by traditional artists.

Tea utensils that cannot be found in the tea ceremony have been continuously used since the Edo period with the full cooperation of the Japan Buddha Tea Ceremony Exchange Meeting (established in 2013. Deputy Representative Hideaki Himura and Deputy Representative Takao Hihara). We will use the works of traditional art artists selected from all over the country that have been inherited. You will be able to experience the beauty of Japanese art that has been nurtured with the tea ceremony.


(Major writers) Morning ware, 6th generation Matsubayashi Toyosai (Uji City), Bizen 6th surname kiln, 26th generation Momosuke Himura (Bizen City), Hagi ware 13th generation Tobei Hihara, Takao Hihara (Bizen City) ・ Hagi Ware Kiln ・ Takatori Yaki 15s Hiroi Miraku ・ Hisaaki (Fukuoka City)



The tea ceremony at Tokyo Tower is not a so-called formal tea room. Therefore, we offer this plan as a space where customers who do not know the tea ceremony can feel free to participate. There are no items to bring in advance, and chairs are also available at the tea ceremony, so even those who have a large number of seiza can participate in the event with peace of mind.

In addition, explanations in foreign languages (English, French, Spanish) are also available, so foreign tourists who are related to the tea ceremony can enjoy it.

Planning supervision

Muneyuki Mori (Associate Professor Urasenke Tea Ceremony, President of Our Historical Materials Office and Deputy Director of Sales Department)

Born in Chiba prefecture. One of the branch families of the Sengoku warlord, Tadamasa Mori, the 16th generation of the Seitao Mori family of the Kurume feudal clan. Tadamasa's older brother, Mori Ranmaru, became the last name of Nobuhiro and is known to have been killed in the Honnoji Incident.
In 1998, moved to France, studied organ construction techniques, and returned to Japan. Engaged in program production from 2001 to 2007. He also studied Urasenke Tea Ceremony under Seso Masa. After that, he received the sect name "Souyu" from the Urasenke and Zagosai Sen Soshitsu Iemoto.
Since 2013, he has been a tea ceremony instructor at the Third University of Lyon, France, and the Grenoble Alps University.
Since 2018, our tea ceremony club advisor

Tea ceremony experience "Asacha no Yu"

[Sunday] Held every other Sunday in principle from November 21, 2020 (May)
8:15 Meeting 8:30 Entering Hall (Because it is before business hours, entering from a special entry)
[Meeting place] Tokyo Tower Foot Town Building 1F Masakazu Seki (Because it is before business hours, the shutter is down during the meeting time)
[Meeting place] Main deck 1st floor (150m)
[Participation fee] 3,330 yen per person * Includes participation fee, main deck observation fee, and consumption tax
[How to participate] From Aso View Co., Ltd. website Please apply

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[Caution] ・ Ochakako may contain sugar and gluten.
・ The visibility may be poor depending on the weather and other conditions.
・ It will be the entrance before the opening of business, but it may exceed the opening time depending on the situation of the participants.
・ Due to unavoidable circumstances, the contents may be postponed, postponed, or changed.

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