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Let's walk up to the Main Deck! "Open-air Outdoor Stairs Walk" Open everyday!

A Tokyo Tower specialty! The outdoor stairs with roughly 600 steps reaching a height of 150m opens every day! "Open-air Outdoor Stairs Walk"

The outdoor stairs with around 600 steps reaching a height of 150m, which are usually only open on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, are open daily!

This is a "healthy and extensive" walking course that is especially recommended for people who have found it hard to exercise during the <STAY HOME> measures.
The stairs can be climbed in roughly 12-13 minutes while watching over the sights of Tokyo and enjoying a pleasant breeze. You may be a bit startled by "600 steps!"
However, even a child in preschool can climb them in about 15 minutes.
You can some aditional fun while climbing the stairs, with the quiz that the Noppon Brothers have prepared for you.
An "Official Stairs Certificate,"-not available for sale- issued by the Noppon Brothers, will be given to those who use the outdoor stairs!

By all means, please take on this challenge for a change of air!

Open-air Outdoor Stairs Walk

From May 12, 2021 (Wednesday), for the time being, the Tokyo Tower Observatory will be open only on the 1st floor of the main deck (150m) and the open-air stairs walk.
Click here for more information.

・Fees: The regular observation fees will be charged.

★An "Ascending Stairs Certificate," which is not available for sale, will be given to those who use the open-air outdoor ascending stairs.
*You cannot switch to the elevators while using the outdoor stairs.
 (You can use the elevator while descending from the Main Deck.)
*We kindly ask for your understanding that the hours may change due to weather conditions.

There are 10 different certificate designs.
Collect them all!  

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