Company Profile

Company Information
Name of company Nippon Denpato Ltd.
Founded May, 1957
Capital 1.2 billiion yen
Head Office 4-2-8 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Main Business Activities Management of establishing comprehensive radio towers, operation of tourist facilities, real estate leasing
Number of Employees 162 (90 male, 72 female)
Affiliated Companies Tokyo Tower Studio, Inc. , Tokyo Tower Parking Center, Inc.
Company Timeline
1958 Company founded, 500 million yen capital
1959 Tokyo Tower open for business
1960 Transmission of all television channels begins
1962 Capital increases to 1.2 billion yen
1965 Capital increases to 1.2 billion yen
1968 Special Observatory opens
1989 New tower body lighting completed, 100 million tower visitors recorded
1998 130 million visitors recorded
2002 Main Observatory and Special Observatory open after renewal
2005 Tokyo Tower FootTown open after renewal
2006 150 million visitors recorded
2008 50th anniversary since opening (December)
2013 170 million visitors recorded
2015 Tokyo Tower Peace Tower open

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