At Tokyo Tower we wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of our hearts.

At Tokyo Tower we offer a "Birthday Pack" service to celebrate visitors' birthdays.

(Notice of Birthday Pack fee changes)

As of April 1, 2015, Birthday Pack fees are changed to as written below.

·Adults (High school students and older) 900 yen ·Children (Elementary school) 500 yen ·Small children (4 years or older, before elementary) 400 yen Tokyo Tower presents remain the same as before. We sincerely look forward to your visit.

("Birthday Pack" service content)

Visitors to Main Deck(150m) who come on their birthday or one day before or after are entitled to all of the benefits listed below.

Sweets present We offer you one sweet of your choice from the featured products at the Tokyo Tower stores listed below.
Subject Stores: "Cafe Mother Farm," "31 Ice Cream," "Pink dot" and "Marion Crepes" inside FootTown
Bookmark present Original Bookmark present (not for sale)
Discount for The Prince Park Tower Tokyo Lounge Please present proof of your birthday.
  1. The birthday person and up to one companion may use the 33rd Floor "Sky Lounge Terrace Garden" (charge: 1030 yen per person) for free.
  2. The birthday person and up to one companion can receive a 20% discount off the use fee at the 1st Floor "Lobby Lounge".
Limited frame photo service Have your picture taken with a frame limited to Birthday Pack users at the Main Observatory photo service. (1 photo, 1300 yen) *You may choose to purchase the photo after it is taken.
  • Proof of the person's birthday is required. (Driver's license, insurance card, etc.) Please present it at the ticket counter.
  • Service is offered on the person's date of birth or one day before or after.
  • Only valid for the birthday person.
  • The business hours of shops offering sweets varies. Please arrive ahead of time.

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