Notice: The Tokyo Tower Special Observatory (250m Height) Will Be Closed For Repairs

Notice: The Tokyo Tower Special Observatory (250m Height) Will Be Closed For Repairs

At this time, the Tokyo Tower Special Observatory (250m Height) will suspend operations for roughly 10 months,
due to renovations set to begin from Monday, October 3rd, 2016.
The repairs are projected to finish in rhe summer of 2017.
The Main Observatory (150m Height) will continue regular operations.

This renovation is not limited to the interior of the Special Observatory.
The project will completely remodel the elevator connecting the Main Observatory (150m Height)
to the Special Observatory, as well as the elevator boarding area.
We plan to unveil the new and improved Special Observatory in the summer of 2017.

In December of 2018, it will have been 60 years since the opening of Tokyo Tower.
With an eye towards the future, we will aim to improve our services and convenience even further.
To that end, after the Special Observatory renovations are finished,
we plan to carry out other large-scale construction projects in stages,
including a renovation of the Main Observatory and a repaint of the tower.

We humbly apologize for the inconvenience, and greatly appreciate your understanding.

■Construction Time

Monday, October 3rd, 2016 until the summer of 2017 (projected)

※The Special Observatory will be closed during the renovation period.

The Main Observatory will still operate as usual.

■Construction Details

  ①Renovation of the Special Observatory Interior

  ②Renovation of the Elevator to the Special Observatory

  Renovation of the Elevator Boarding Area

■About the Lighting Up (Tower Illumination)

※While we turn off the Tokyo Tower lights at midnight,
we will leave the lights on until dawn from Monday, September 5th, 2016, depending on the circumstances.

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