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Enhance your experience at the Main Observatory!"Tokyo Tower Scenery Guide" free application has been released!


To help you have a better experience at the 150-meter-tall Main Observatory, we've released a free application: "Tokyo Tower Scenery Guide"

"I wonder what that building is called?"
"What would this view look like at night?"

If such thoughts come to your mind, you can always consult the app!
Let it be your partner in appreciating the gorgeous scenery.

*Supported devices: iPhone (iOS7.0 or higher) & Smartphones (Android 4.3 or higher)

[1] Install "Tokyo Tower Scenery Guide" app from the App Store or Google Play

[2] Set Bluetooth to 'On' (for iOS, also enable location services).

[3] Go up to the Main Observatory (150m) and walk around while appreciating the scenery.
Your device will show various information depending on the direction you are facing (8 total directions).
*The app also has directional information depending on which direction you're facing.

[4] Better appreciate the scenery with the app!
- Magnify and move the scenery around by pinching and swiping
- Look up buildings or land marks you are curious about
- Compare what the scenery looks like during day and night

App Store

google play

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