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The Main Observatory now has an original, Tokyo Tower-shaped post box!Outgoing mails will get a special Tokyo Tower "Landscape Postmark"!


We've installed an original Tokyo Tower-shaped post box at the Main Observatory of Tokyo Tower!
Any kind of mail such as post cards and letters that go in this box will be stamped with a special landscape postmark that's a picture of Tokyo Tower viewed from the precincts of Zojo-ji Temple.

For your special memories, and a small surprise to your recipients.

How about sending a memorable post card to your special person on your next visit to Tokyo Tower?

[Installation Of Tokyo Tower Landscape Postmark Original Post Box]

* Install location: Tokyo Tower Main Observatory 2nd floor
* Install duration: indefinitely from August 24th (Monday) 2015
* Note:
- Original post cards and letters are sold at the goods shop on the second floor of the observatory.
 *stamp sales hours: from 9:00 to 22:00
- There is a writing table besides the post box.
- The postmark will not be stamped on New Year's Cards sent from December 15th to January 7th.

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