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The popular "TOKYO TOWER TV" is on-air every Saturday!

We welcome various guests to Club333 in the Tokyo Tower Main Observatory, and broadcast them live to the world with USTREAM!In addition to live concerts and talks, it can also be used as a location for promotions.Because it is a public live broadcast, you can see your favorite guests talk up-close! Join in on the fun every Saturday at Club333 in the Tokyo Tower Main Observatory!

TOKYO TOWER TV SATURDAY Public Live Broadcast Schedule
Schedule Every Saturday

*Because of renovation work on the Main Observatory,
the Club333 stage event will not be held from February 2018.

Time 3 pm / 5 pm / 7 pm
Location Main Observatory 1st Floor Club333 Special Stage
Fee Can be viewed with only paying the Observatory entrance fee.

Held and broadcast live every Saturday from 3 pm

Tokyo Tower Live Comedy 333

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