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Thursday's Concert

We play adult "night view numbers" with a focus on nostalgic covers of oldies, pop songs from the 60s and 70s and more.
Date and Time Every Wednesday (2 stages)
[1] 7 pm - 7:45 pm [2] 8:15 pm - 9 pm

*Because of renovation work on the Main Observatory, the Club333 stage event will not be held from February 2018.

Location Main Observatory 1st Floor Club333 Special Stage
Fee Free (Can be enjoyed with only the Observatory entrance fee)
Note The observation cafe "Cafe La Tour" is expected to be crowded on performance dates.
Please arrive early.
Back Number
"Cross The Tokyo Bay"Club333

Live performances held at Club333 are broadcast every Wednesday (with repeat broadcasts on Saturdays) on 'Cross The Tokyo Bay' Club333, on Kazusa FM (83.4MHz) and Community FM, located in Kisarazu City in Chiba Prefecture.
How about spending a feel-good night listening to high-quality live performances while taking in the night view as seen from Tokyo Tower?
'Cross The Tokyo Bay' Club 333 is being broadcast every Wednesday at 7 pm ( with repeat broadcasts every Saturday at 8 pm) on Kazusa FM (83.4MHz).
You can also listen to the program on your computer, iPhone or iPod Touch with SimulRadio.

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