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Happy 60th anniversary! Memorial goods & collaboration merchandise now on sale!


Since its opening in 1958, Tokyo Tower has been a well-known symbol of Tokyo and Japan.
Tokyo Tower has kept watch from the center of Tokyo in both the Showa and Heisei eras, and will reach its 60th birthday on this coming December 23rd.

In celebration of this 60th anniversary year,a variety of memorable goods and collaborative merchandise are now available!
You can only get your hands on all these invaluable items now. Take advantage of this opportunity to buy them!

Tokyo Tower 60th anniversary commemorative "Tower Great Shinto Shrine Seal Collection Book”

To commemorate Tokyo Tower’s 60th anniversary, starting November 21st (Wed) Shufunotomo will start selling a set containing an original seal collection book for the Great Shinto Shrine located in the tower and a booklet that introduces the tower’s highlights of the tower!
This is Tokyo Tower’s first ever seal collection book, featuring a cute and charming design that shows the appearance of the tower at day and at night. The 16-page full color booklet is full of useful content, including helpful hints from Tokyo Tower staff about photo spots that look good on social media, info on nearby restaurants where you can get a reasonably priced lunch or dinner, an introduction to the history of the tower, and more.
And in commemoration of this set going on sale,the Tower Great Shinto Shrine seal stamping service, which normally requires reservations for groups of five people,will be offered to individuals without reservation on special days!
A limited time book that comes with a seal collection book, and a seal that has the 60th anniversary logo.

<Tokyo Tower 60th Anniversary Tower Great Shinto Shrine Seal Collection Book>
・On-sale date: November 21st (Wed)
・Price: ¥1,800 (without tax)
・Details: 16-page full color booklet + seal collection book A4 size
・Sold at: GALAXY on 3F of Foot Town, book stores throughout Japan
<Tower Great Shinto Seal Collection Book& Seal Special Offer Days>
・Dates: December 9th (Sun), 16th (Sun), 23rd (Sun/holiday)
・Time: 12:00 - 17:00
・Place: Main Deck 1F
*Please note that the seal is presented already stamped on a sheet of paper. It will not be stamped directly to your seal collection book.
*You must pay to enter the Main Deck.

Official shops “THE SKY” and “GALAXY”
60th anniversary original goods

Did you know that the only souvenir shops in the tower directly run by Tokyo Tower are the original shops
THE SKY on the Main Deck 2nd floor and GALAXY on the Foot Town 3rd floor?
Original goods that can only be found at Tokyo Tower and 60th anniversary goods are now on sale only at these two stores!
Whether coming to Tokyo Tower after a long absence or a frequent visitor, buying a present for yourself or for your family and friends, come purchase Tokyo Tower 60th anniversary commemorative merchandise now on sale for a limited time!

Japan Mint
“60th Anniversary of Tokyo Tower 2018 Proof Coin Set”

To commemorate Tokyo Tower reaching its 60th anniversary, Japan Mint presents the 60th Anniversary of Tokyo Tower 2018 Proof Coin Set!
This original coin set contains six different proof coins, including 500-yen and 1-yen coins inscribed in 2018, and a silver medal, all in a special leather case.
Tokyo Tower is carved on the front of the silver medal in a relief design, whereas the back features the 60th anniversary commemorative logo carved with a satin finish technique, making this quite the invaluable item!
On sale for a limited time from November 1st (Thu) to 21st (Wed) by postcard or from Japan Mint’s online shop!
This is a limited offer of only 12,000 sets, so go ahead and order this commemorable deluxe coin set! (See the following URL for details)

Japan Mint Online Shop

“SUBARU 360 x Tokyo Tower 60th Anniversary Special Goods”

Tokyo Tower opened in 1958 and reaches its 60th anniversary this year.
At the same time, the Subaru 360, the car which marked the first step of the Subaru brand, celebrates its 60th birthday this year too.
In celebration of these two symbols of Japan’s rapid economic growth turning 60, special goods incorporating the valiant figure of the Subaru 360 and the lovely impressive visuals of Tokyo Tower are being sold!
These goods, which allow you to feel the 60 years of history of Tokyo Tower and Subaru 360, are being sold in four stages on Subaru’s online shop.
There are plenty of collaboration items with lovely designs, so even if you aren’t a Tower fan or a Subarist, you should check it out!

Subaru Online Shop

Nikko Yakuhin
“Tokyo Tower x Red Mamushi”

Introducing the Tokyo Tower x Red Mamushi, a collaboration item commemorating the 60th anniversary of Tokyo Tower!
Red Mamushi Drink is the father of Japanese energy drinks.
This collaboration was formed from the compatibility of both companies’ history and the red-white color combination. The limited edition collaboration design cans are a popular item now on sale on the Tokyo Tower Official Shop!
The impressive design of the Mamushi wrapped around Tokyo Tower and the easy-to-carry size makes it a perfect gift that can only be found in Tokyo!
You can even finish this energy drink all in one gulp. The drink has a vivid color, so we also recommend you dilute it with red wine, fruit, gin, or beer and enjoy it as a cocktail. Give it a try!


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