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Milky Way Illumination and Projection Mapping!
Both running until September 1st!

See the Milky Way and shooting stars appear 150 meters up in the Tokyo sky.
Our "Milky Way Illumination" is one of our summer traditions!

The Tokyo Tower Main Deck is now lit up with a bright blue Milky Way illumination!
This illumination takes its inspiration from the Tanabata Star Festival and depicts the blue stars that are spread across the summer night sky and the Milky Way which is met with occasional shooting stars which draw large white arcs that fade into the sky.
Also within the starry sky, you can also find the stars of Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair).

As the night goes on, the illumination will project on the glass windows of the observation deck and it will seem almost as if the starry sky over the Milky Way has appeared above the sweeping night view of Tokyo right under your eyes.

Also running simultaneously: "CITY LIGHT FANTASIA"
A projection mapping packed full with motifs of the Japanese Summer!

In addition to the "Milky Way Illumination" we are also running a projection event!
Our projection mapping event, "TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA," which brushes the observation deck with the four seasons, is back for its summer edition!

This summer's theme is the "Cool Japanese Summer".
An elegant goldfish swimming in a bowl, a beautiful sunset, a sunflower in full bloom...
Observing the stars on a quiet night and the fireworks festival you waited the whole summer for...
These are the things a Cool Japanese Summer is all about!

This year's projections will depict many wonderful scenes and summer memories that most Japanese people can connect with.
Please look forward to these beautiful images that will project onto the glass windows and floor of the observation deck!

☆What is the Tanabata Legend?☆
There once was a hard working man named "Hikoboshi" and a hard working woman named "Orihime."
The two eventually got married but were so in love that they forgot all about their work.
The Heavenly Ruler was upset when he saw this and separated them on the opposing banks of the Milky Way.
However, pitying these two lovers who now lived weeping in sadness, the Heavenly Ruler promised that he would allow them to meet on the seventh day of the seventh month (Tanabata) as long as they returned to their hard working ways.

Collaboration campaign between
Milky Way Illumination × Tokyo Tower Official Instagram!

From July 1st (Mon), everyone who posts on Instagram and other social media platforms using the hashtag
"#天の川イルミネーション or #MilkyWayIllumination"will receive an original postcard and a sticker!
In addition to the Milky Way Illumination, photos taken with the Projection Mapping that is being held concurrently are also highly recommended.
We look forward to your participation!

【Campaign period】2019/07/01〜2019/09/01
【Post your photos on】Instagram (including Stories), Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms
【How to participate】Post a photo of the event using the hashtag #天の川イルミネーション or #MilkyWayIllumination
【Where to receive your gift】After posting your photo on a social media platform, show the post to the staff at the Information Counter at Foot Town 1F to receive original postcards and stickers (not for sale).

Tokyo Tower's Official Instagram

Milky Way Illumination

●Duration: Saturday June 1st 2019 to Sunday September 1st 2019
●Light Up Time: 9 am to 11 pm
●Location: Main Deck, Second Floor North
●Number of Lights: Around 17,000

Projection Mapping

●Duration: Saturday June 1st 2019 to Sunday September 1st 2019
●Projection Time: Saturday June 1st to Wednesday July 31st: 7:30 pm to 10:50 pm
         Thursday August 1st to Sunday September 1st: 7 pm to 10:50 pm
● Location: Main Deck Second Floor North

Both events are only viewable with purchase of the observation deck admission fee.

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