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Tokyo Tower's Orange illumination 2019, a candle to the city・One more candle appears on Tokyo Tower's foot.

One more candle appears on Tokyo Tower's foot. Tokyo Tower's Winter Fantasy-Orange illumination 2019 presents by first time: [The Candle Tower], a magnifiscent scale model of Tokyo Tower itself of 11.1 m. Light up starts on November 1st!


The season to enjoy the winter traditional Tokyo Tower’s event “Winter Fantasy” has finally arrived!

Admire the beautiful light up of the Tower from the ground floor surrounded by a warm orange color illumination, and immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere.

The Tokyo tower’s most representative orange illumination “Landmark Light” started in 1989, since then has become a symbolic scene of Tokyo, especially during the cold winter when the orange color shines on the middle of the streets like a candle to the city that warms up the spirit of the city and all the people in it. Based on this romantic conception, and as part of their 23rd Winter Fantasy illumination, Tokyo Tower introduces by first time: “The Candle Tower”.

With 11.1 meters of height and an impressive decoration of approximately 1000 Led lights, this scale model (scale 1:30) of Tokyo Tower will take away your breath.

The Top of “The Candle Tower”, lights up in seven different directions and shines up in the same warm orange color that Tokyo Tower, in addition, the structure is decorated with winter motives. All this features make of it the perfect photo spot!

“The Candle Tower” is surrounded by other attractions like the approximately 200 natural pines, inside “The fantasy garden” and the shinning “Tokyo Tower Lantern”, next to the 2m. height mini Mary go round.

We are sure everyone will spend a lovely and cozy time in Tokyo Tower’s winter fantasy! Lastly, but not least; amaze yourself with the multicolor “Candle Tower light show” every day from 16:00 to 22:45(the show has a duration of 5mn. approximately, and it is performed 4 times in 1 hour as the following schedule: 00mn・15mn・30mn・45mn).

Come and celebrate with us the first winter of the New Era (Reiwa) in the Tokyo City’s Candle: Tokyo Tower.

TOKYO TOWER Winter Fantasy~Orange Illumination 2019~

●Date: November 1st,2019 (Fri)-January 5th,2020(Sun)
●Time:12:00 - 23:00
※On the inauguration day (Nov/1), the light-up will start at 18:55
●Location:Tokyo Tower Main entrance square

Inauguration ceremony

The inauguration ceremony of the [Tokyo Tower Winter Fantasy/ Orange illumination 2019] will be held by special guests in front of Tokyo Tower's main entrance on November 1st at 18:30
※On the inauguration day (November 1st) the illumination will start at 18:55 and the Candle Light show will start at 19:15
※During the inauguration ceremony, access to the illumination area will be limited to press and staff only.
The general access will be allowed since 19:15, thank you for your cooperation and comprehension on this matter.

「project LNES/FRESH ENERGY-To the Light Journey-Exhibition

●Date and Time: November 1st of 2019 to November 14th of 2019 from 12:00 to 19:00 hrs.
●Venue: Tokyo Tower’s main entrance (Next to the Orange illumination)

Project LNES presents their stellar illumination device that pursuit’s elegance and design at the same time that offers an eco- friendly alternative to produce energy.
The features of this lamp allows you to feel the nostalgic travel of light to the future. Amaze with the perfect Japanese balance of wabi・sabi, result of the fusion of art and technology . Don’t miss this exhibition at the landmark of the city, Tokyo Tower.


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