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Impressive people with your trick photos taken at the 'Trick Art Gallery', in Tokyo Tower from December 13th!

'Trick Art' creates a 3D world via drawing on the floor and walls.
Have you ever taken a photo in this strange, 'Trick Art' world?

The 'Trick Art Gallery' will be held in Tokyo Tower from a December 13th (Tue). Don't miss it!
Have no fear – we encourage the taking of photographs within the gallery itself.

Like this...

Or like this! How is it done?!

The joy of Trick Art depends a lot on the ideas of its viewers.
You can take a fantastic photo if you act out the part you are taking, too!
Why not share one of the photographs you take on social media sites?

'Trick Art Gallery'

Dates: December 13th (Tue) ~ January 3rd (Tue).
Times: (Weekdays) 12:00pm midday ~ 9:00pm.
(National Holidays and Weekends) 11:00am ~ 9:00pm.
Location: Foot Town B1F, Tokyo Tower Hall.
Entrance Fees: (Adult) 900 yen.
(3 years to high school age) 500 yen.
(Younger than 3 years old) Free.

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