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On 23rd September , don't miss the Sanriku-Ofunato Tokyo Tower Sanma Festival!

We will be serving 3,333 charcoal-grilled sanma (Pacific Saury), fresh from Ofunato City, for FREE!
The Sanriku-Ofunato Tokyo Tower Sanma Festival will be held on September 23rd (Monday / Holiday) !

What is sanma?
The Pacific saury is a much loved fish that is also known as the representative of "the taste of autumn" in Japan, and it is usually eaten grilled.



◆ Sanriku-Ofunato Tokyo Tower Sanma Festival ◆

● Date September 23rd (Monday / Holiday) Autumnal Equinox Day
 *The event will go ahead in light rain,but will be canceled in severe weather
● Time 9:30 – 16:30 
 *Opening ceremony will be held at 9:00.
● Venue Tokyo Tower Special Outdoor Venue
 * The car and bicycle parking lots will be very crowded, so we ask you to come by public transport.
【 Details 】
● Free tasting of 3,333 charcoal-grilled sanma

・3,333 sanma brought directly from Ofunato will be grilled over charcoal and served free with a garnish of grated daikon radish and hetsuka daidai orange (from Kimotsuki, Kagoshima Prefecture).
 * A coupon is required to receive the sanma. Coupons will be handed out at the venue from 7:30.
 * One coupon will be handed out per person, and distribution will end when all the coupons are gone.
 * A pick-up time will be written on the coupon.
  Please come to receive your sanma at the time written on the coupon.
 * Please be aware that you cannot choose a pickup time.



● Sales of sanma surimi broth

Sanma surimi broth, which were highly popular and sold out last year, will be on sale.

Sanma surimi broth (¥300) *Limited numbers available
A traditional Ofunato dish featuring sanma surimi formed into balls and served in a broth with green onions and tofu.
This is a dish that lets you savor the flavor and aroma of the sanma itself

● Stamp Rally

A stamp rally will be held with stations in the festival venue, the Tokyo Tower Main Deck, and around the grounds.
333 of the people who collect all the stamps will be chosen by lottery to receive a specialty product from Ofunato! (Draw begins from 9:30)

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