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Gazing at the Night Sakura Dreamscape"TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA":


Tokyo Tower Cherry Blossom Festival 1st Edition
Enjoy cherry blossom viewing before the start of the season, 150 meters up in the air in Tokyo!
Tokyo Tower Cherry Blossom Viewing Deck, a place to enjoy genuine cherry blossoms, opening for the first time!

Above all else, the pleasure of spring in Japan is the cherry blossoms, or sakura.
While we would love to gaze at them all the time if we could, before long the blossoms fall off the trees.
While the cherry blossoms are beautiful, they are also fleeting.

Tokyo Tower is launching the Tokyo Tower Sakura Festival, at which visitors can enjoy this kind of spring experience ahead of season!

The content for the 2nd round of the "Sakura Festival" has been decided!

"TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA": Gazing at the Night Sakura Dreamscape

This is part of a year-long project, brought to you by Tokyo Tower, where the four seasons of Japan are displayed using projection mapping.
Enjoy the mingling of the seasonal illuminations on the windows and floors of the 150-meter Main Deck with the glittering view of the night landscape of Tokyo.
The theme for this spring is "YOZAKURA NIGHT".
Right in front of your eyes, as if layered onto the reality of the night view outside, a wild flowering of cherry blossoms will be projected. Upon gazing downward, you will also observe a water surface bedecked with flower petals.
All will be illuminated by the glitter of the moon, which will display the brilliance of the colors and the changing beauty of the dreamscape.


As part of the display, there will also be a photo opportunity spot prepared. By responding to the people standing before the observation window, a magnificent flowering of different kinds of sakura blossoms, including the Yoshino cherry and the Benishidare cherry, will occur. Let's see which cherry blossoms will flower for you!


■Period: 22 March 2019 (Fri.) to 6 May (Mon.)
■Projection display time: 22 March to 7 April (18:30 to 22:50)8 April to 6 May (19:00 to 22:50)
■Location: Main Deck, 2nd floor
■Fee: The light display may be enjoyed by purchasing the usual ticket for reaching the Main Deck.

"SAKURA EASTER": Encounter Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom at the Main Deck!

Along with the aforementioned projection art, decorations will be on show as part of the "SAKURA EASTER" display, which will combine the essence of Easter, signaling the coming of spring, with the pleasure of cherry blossom viewing.


Upon arrival at the Main Deck by elevator, you will be immediately greeted by ornamental cherry blossoms, which will appear to be real flowers in full bloom.
In keeping with the theme of Easter, there will be Easter eggs decorating the floor too. 。
The Main Deck will be lit up during the evening and, when combined with the sakura projection art, will simulate the experience of night sakura viewing.


■Period: 23 March 2019 (Sat.) to 6 May (Mon.)
■Location: Main Deck, 2nd floor
■Fee: The light display may be enjoyed by purchasing the usual ticket for reaching the Main Deck.

The 2nd round of the "Tokyo Tower Sakura Festival" will soon begin, with the "TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA" starting on 22 March and the "SAKURA EASTER" on 23 March!
We hope you will enjoy this wondrous experience, which will make you feel as if you are viewing night sakura in a dream-world!
Don't miss this once-in-a-year chance to enjoy the sakura season to your heart's content!

【SAKURA Sweets: Sakura Tower Parfait】
■ Dates: Friday, February 15th–Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
■ Available at: Mother Farm Cafe, Tokyo Tower branch, 3F, Foot Town
■ Opening hours: 9:30 a.m.–10:20 p.m. (last order: 9:50 p.m.)
■ Price: ¥850 (tax included)

Sakura Strawberry Shake and Wazakura Panna Cotta a
la Mode Cute springtime-only menu items! Available from Friday, March 15th!

TOWER'S DINER, a cafe–restaurant–bar located on the second floor of Foot Town, is serving Sakura Strawberry Shake and Wazakura Panna Cotta a la Mode as SAKURA menu items available during the springtime only. These items will be on sale during the Tokyo Tower Sakura Festival, commencing Friday March 15th!
The Sakura Strawberry Shake is a generously sized milkshake that is bursting with the spring of the season, combining strawberries and sakura. This is a cute, spring-colored confection, that offers the best match of the sweet-and-sour flavor of strawberry and the sweetness of sakura syrup.

【Wazakura Panna Cotta a la Mode is a rich homemade panna cotta served with a garnish of mellow-flavored sakura whipped cream and sakura ice cream. It is full of cuteness and a spring mood! This is a springtime-only confection that will attract you with its faint sakura aroma and the exquisite seasoning of the salted cherry blossoms. SAKURA Sweets: Sakura Strawberry Shake and Wazakura Panna Cotta a la Mode】
■ Products: Sakura Strawberry Shake ¥600 (tax included)
Wazakura Panna Cotta a la Mode ¥780 (tax included)
■ Dates available: Friday, March 15th–Tuesday, April 30th
■ Available at TOWER'S DINER Cafe & Restaurant & Bar, 2F, Foot Town
■ Opening hours: Weekdays lunch 11:30a.m.– 3:00 p.m. (last order: 2:30 p.m.), dinner 5:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m. (last order: 9: 30 p.m.)
Weekends and national holidays 10:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m. (last order: 9:30 p.m.)

For the first edition of the Tokyo Tower Sakura Festival,
the Tokyo Tower Cherry Blossom Viewing Deck will be opened for the very first time!
Here, 150 meters up in the sky—where visitors can look out over a scene of Tokyo waiting for the spring—we will be displaying ikebana created using genuine sakura.

The Tokyo Tower Cherry Blossom Viewing Deck, which is being presented for the very first time,will use four different kinds of sakura at the time that the flowers are in full bloom and in season: Keikozakura, a showy cherry blossom with light red flowers; Yoshinozakura with its pale pink flowers;Miyabizakura, which is a vivid, dark crimson color; and double cherry blossoms, whose flowers are soft and voluminous with overlapping petals.


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