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A toast under the Tower!
This year, enjoy a drink at our 2 Highball Gardens!

A toast under the Tower! This year,
enjoy a drink at our 2 Highball Gardens!

Enjoy the 2 Highball Gardens while gazing up at Tokyo Tower!
The Highball Garden Rooftop BBQ and the Highball Garden in front of the entrance are both open!

Highball Garden Rooftop BBQ

First up, the Tokyo Tower Highball Garden Rooftop BBQ,
on the roof of the "Foot Town" commercial building right under Tokyo Tower,
where you can enjoy all you can eat Mongolian barbecue
with specialty produce from Mother Farm, and all you can drink!
With Tokyo Tower right above you,
this location can't be described in words.
Our recommendation is, of course,
the No.1 popular "Mongolian barbecue all you can eat/all you can drink plan"
- the traditional taste of Mother Farm since its establishment.
All you can eat for 120 minutes - not just lamb, but also beef, pork,
and all kinds of vegetables!
Our all you can drink menu includes all kinds of highball cocktails,
as well as draft beer and soft drinks.

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*Tokyo Tower Highball Garden Rooftop BBQ*
- Open from 4/13/2019 (Sat) to 9/30 (Mon) (Closed during rainy weather)
- Open hours 17:00~22:30 (Last orders at 22:00)
- Located on the roof of Tokyo Tower Foot Town
- Reservations/queries 070-2823-4803 (Line open 16:00~21:00)

Entrance front Highball Garden

There is also a Highball Garden open on the 1st floor of the plaza
in front of the entrance.
In addition to the same abundant drinks menu as our rooftop location,
our food menu is loaded with things that go perfectly with cocktails
- deep fried, grilled, and simmered food, pasta and pizza...
you'll find yourself wanting to try this and that without even knowing it.

* Tokyo Tower Highball Garden *
- Open from 4/10/2019 (Wed) to 9/29/2019 (Sun) (Closed during rainy weather)
- Open hours Weekdays 16:00~22:30 (Last orders at [Food]21:30, [drink]22:00)
Weekends 12:00~22:30 (Last orders at [Food]21:30, [drink]22:00)
- Located in front of the entrance to Tokyo Tower
- Reservations/queries 080-9271-5533 (Line open 16:00~21:00)

How about it?
Come to the Rooftop BBQ when you want to eat and drink to your heart's content,
or visit the Highball Garden if you want a casual little drink.
And they're both open for a good half of the year!
Please enjoy fun nighttime moments!

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