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Let's have a Halloween Party on the top of Tokyo Tower!!

Don't you find being looking down from the top of Tokyo Tower kind of scary? We think it's the perfect place for a haunted house, so, starting Friday, October 4th, we're setting up one complete with Halloween decorations and costumes so that you can have fun and take pictures that you'll treasure for a lifetime. There'll be so many possibilites!Skeleton costumes, witch costumes - we'll have all kinds of weird, wacky, and even scaaaarrrry stuff so that you can enjoy the Halloween season at the top of Tokyo Tower! Come and check it out!

Dates: Friday, October 4th - Thursday, October 31st
Time: 9:00 - 23:00
Place: 1st floor of the Tokyo Tower Main Deck special exhibition corner
Cost: No additional cost after paid admission to Main Deck

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