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The 150m Main Deck, where you can get a sense of Tokyo's cityscape in all three dimensions.
Plus, the 250m Top Deck, with a perfect bird's-eye view of the whole of Tokyo.
Here is an introduction to Tokyo Tower’s two viewing platforms.

Special Observatory

Top Deck"Get the best view of Tokyo from a glittering space"

Only the visitors who participate in the "Top Deck Tour" (using the advance reservation system) are admitted to the Top Deck.
There, a special world where the various lights and scenery reflect each other awaits.
Enjoy the best views, along with the hospitality services offered during the tour.
For more details and reservations for the Top Deck Tour, please visit this page.

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    Geometric mirrors

  • サムネイル・音声ガイド (200x200).jpg

    Audio Guide

  • サムネイル・レンタルスコープ (200x200).jpg

    Binoculars rental

  • サムネイル・その他のサービス.jpg

    Other services

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Geometric mirrors

The Top Deck features an interior geometrically covered with mirrors, called "geometric mirrors".

The scenery from all directions and the interior lighting in various colors reflect each other, creating a unique atmosphere.

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Audio Guide

The audio guide provided to tour participants is available in 13 languages and will help you along the way.

On the Top Deck, it plays a very active part as a scenery guide.

You can get to know the city of Tokyo by looking up the names of the buildings you are interested in and listening to the audio commentary.

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Binoculars rental

High performance binoculars are available for loan, free of charge.

Even the distant scenery, which is hard to see with the naked eye, can be clearly perceived.

Please use them in conjunction with the landscape guide.

Note: Limited service until evening
Provided by: Nikon Imaging Japan Co., Ltd.

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Other services

There are also welcome drinks and photo shoot services along the way during the tour, so you can have fun while ascending to the Top Deck.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your nearest attendant.

Main Deck

Main Deck,2F・1F

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Elevators to Main Deck

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Great Shinto Shrine of the Tower


Top Deck Gate


Skywalk Window


Tokyo Tower-shaped post box


Café La Tour



“Cafe La Tour”and “Official Shop”are located on Main Deck. Come enjoy a cup of tea with breath-taking views, or enjoy live music on the stage, which enhances the magnificence of Tokyo’s night view. Be sure to experience the thrill of standing on the glass floor called “Skywalk Window”!

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_R6A8900 (320x240).jpg


TOKYO TOWER OFFICIAL SHOP THE SKY is run by Tokyo Tower and sells around 300 items that include the Tokyo Tower character merchandise, “The Noppon Brothers” and Tokyo Tower miniature models.

Visit the shop after enjoying the wonderful view from the Main Deck.

The items you buy in the shop will surely bring back great memories of your visit at Tokyo Tower.

Business Hours:9:00 to 22:00



Elevators to Main Deck

Fast elevators can take you to the 2nd floor of the Main Deck from the 1st floor of FootTown in 45 seconds.
This is toincrease the emotion felt when encountering the light upon opening the door to the observation deck.
The experience is almost like the feeling of escaping from a dark tunnel.

_R6A6913 (1024x759) (320x237).jpg

_R6A6916 (320x240).jpg

Great Shinto Shrine of the Tower

The shrine is located on the highest place in Tokyo’s 23 wards and has a very honorable origin. It is responsive to the prayers for fulfillment in love and school success. Many students preparing for entrance exams visit the shrine every year to feel the power of the Shinto God enshrined in the highest place in Tokyo. OFFICIAL SHOP next to the shrine sells good-luck charms for the exams.


Top Deck Gate

In preparation



Skywalk Window

Look down 145 meters from Tokyo Tower’s famous attraction,“Skywalk Windows”. As you peer down from the glass floor, people and cars look like small grains of rice. Test your courage here. Step on the glass floor. Once you feel comfortable standing on the glass floor, why don’t you jump as high as you can? Be careful not to faint on the glass floor if you have a fear of heights!



Tokyo Tower-shaped post box

Any kind of mail such as post cards and letters that go in this box will be stamped with a special landscape postmark that's a picture of Tokyo Tower viewed from the precincts of Zojo-ji Temple.
For your special memories, and a small surprise to your recipients.
How about sending a memorable post card to your special person on your next visit to Tokyo Tower?

* Original post cards and letters are sold at the goods shop on the second floor of Main Deck.  
* stamp sales hours: from 9:00 to 22:00 - There is a writing table besides the post box.
* The postmark will not be stamped on New Year's Cards sent from December 15th to January 7th.



Café La Tour

February 21, 2019, renovated and reopened!
In the new Café La Tour, we recommend trying our Arabiki Sausage, hotdogs made inside Mt. Aso's nature and our soft ice cream with a great aftertaste.
Enjoy a brief moment's respite viewing the scenery in the observation deck!

OPEN 9:30~21:30 (last order at 21:00)




The renovation makes the space wider (approx.90m2) and more refined like a live music venue.
The rearistic sound equipment and video displayed on the 260 inch LED monitor will lead to more lively events.
When events are not held, LED vision shows original movies in 4K.
Visitors can rest here between observations.


Main Deck, 2F

  2. Tokyo Tower-shaped Post Box
  3. Top Deck Gate
  4. Great Shinto Shrine of the Tower

Main Deck,1F

  1. Down Elevators
  2. Skywalk Window
  3. Café La Tour
  4. Club333

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