Efforts to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and requests to customers

For the "safety and security" of customers who come to the tower-Measures to prevent the spread of infection-

The staff will do the following so that you can enjoy sightseeing with peace of mind.

◆ Thorough health management of attendants and staff
⇒Morning temperature measurement, wearing a mask, regular hand washing and thorough disinfection.
Risk diversification by the on-site attendant's "complete two-shift work".

◆ Thorough disinfection and cleaning of facilities in the building
⇒ Antibacterial coating is applied to the entire building including the observatory, elevator, cash register counter, and handrails.
Cleaning / disinfection and cleaning of the building.


   機器提供:ウシオ電機株式会社 抗ウイルス・除菌用紫外線照射装置
        「Care222® iシリーズ ユニバーサルダウンライトタイプ i-UDT」

About UV technology "Care222®" for antiviral and sterilization


Requests to customers who come to the tower

◎ [Mask] Please wear a mask when you enter the museum.

◎ [Temperature measurement] When you come to the venue, please cooperate with the temperature measurement (fever screening system or non-contact thermometer) at the designated place.
* Please understand that you will not be allowed to enter the venue if the temperature is above 37.5 degrees.

◎ [Disinfection] Disinfectants will be installed in various parts of the building, so please use them as appropriate.

◎ [Social Distance] Please cooperate with the installation of displays that serve as a guide for maintaining social distance throughout the building.

◎ [Capacity] We will limit the capacity of the elevator to the main deck to 10 people and the elevator to the top deck to 6 people.

◎ [Prevention of droplets] All staff wear masks, and at the ticket counter and official shop
We will install a splash prevention sheet.

◎ [Customer service]We will keep a distance from the customer and respond to conversations sparingly.

-About the parking lot for 150 ordinary cars-

Tokyo Tower has an on-site parking lot that can hold 150 ordinary cars.
You can also come by car.
(Parking fee: 600 yen for the first hour. 300 yen will be added every 30 minutes thereafter)

Certified as a new coronavirus countermeasure store

In the third-party certification system implemented by Asoview Co., Ltd. in collaboration with experts for facilities working on measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases, Tokyo Tower must meet the examination criteria including three close measures. It was confirmed.

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