About the business of the open air stairs walk on the 1st floor of the main deck

From May 12th (Wednesday) to May 31st (Monday), 2021, the main deck (150m) will be open only on the 1st floor of the main deck and the open-air stairs walk.

[Main deck business hours]

Target period: May 12, 2021 (Wednesday) -May 31, 2021 (Monday)
Business hours: Weekdays 10: 00-20: 00 (Ticket sales end 19:00)
Saturdays and Sundays 9: 00-20: 00 (Ticket sales end 19:00)

・ As a general rule, please use the open-air stairs walk to the observatory.
・ A normal viewing fee is required for the open-air stairs walk. (Cancelled in stormy weather)
・ A "Certificate of climbing stairs" will be presented to those who use the open-air stairs walk.
・ Only open on the 1st floor of the main deck.
Please note that you cannot enter the 2nd floor of the main deck (Tower Ojingu, OFFICIAL SHOP).
・ Regarding the business of top deck tours Here please look at.
・ For other business conditions of each Foot Town store, Here please look at.
・ Regarding measures against infectious diseases at Tokyo Tower Hereplease look at.

Main deck admission area

Main deck 1st floor
① Elevator platform ② Skywalk window ③ Cafe La Tour ④ club333

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