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[Directions] from “Daimon” Station


When you emerge aboveground from Exit A6 of “Daimon Station” on the Toei Asakusa Line, the street in front of you will look like this.
Go straight, following the path.

Continue on to have Zojoji’s “Daimon” (large front gate) come into view.
Walk past it on one side and continue to go straight.
You can already see Tokyo Tower.

You will soon reach Zojoji, so cross this pedestrian crossing

And go straight just a little farther with the temple gate on your left to find this narrow path.
Go straight again.

It is a quiet lane lined with Jizos (guardian deities of children) and trees.

The lane will soon meet a wide road.
Cross the pedestrian crossing and Tokyo Tower will be just a short distance away.


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