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  • ウシオ電機の抗ウイルス・除菌用紫外線照射装置を設置しています



At Tokyo Tower, we are implementing various measures against infectious diseases so that visitors can enjoy it safely and securely, but for the purpose of further improving the hygienic environment of the facility, the ticket on the 1st floor of Foot Town Ushio, Inc.'s anti-virus and sterilization UV irradiation device "Care222® i series" is installed above the counter.

Ticket counter

Care222® i series

While using ultraviolet rays, this device enables simultaneous sterilization of the surface of objects and the air without adversely affecting humans, making it even safer and more secure at ticket counters used by many customers. It will be possible to provide.

Partner Ushio, Inc. (Headquarters: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Established in 1964. Manufactures and sells various light sources such as lamps, lasers, and LEDs that range from ultraviolet to visible and infrared vision, as well as optical and video equipment that incorporates them. We have many high-share products in the electronics field such as semiconductors, flat panel displays, and electronic component manufacturing, and in the visual imaging field such as digital projectors and lighting. I am.

About Care222® i series

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