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"Tokyo of TOKYO TOWER 60 years of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo"

令和の時代に改めて「東京タワー」と「東京」の歴史に迫る書籍 『Tokyo of TOKYO TOWER 東京タワーと東京の60年』好評販売中!

令和の時代に改めて「東京タワー」のすべてを知るべきとタワーに長年保管されていた膨大な資料の中から、写真を中心とした視点で制作された書籍、それが「Tokyo of TOKYO TOWER」です。

◆ World's first? A stretchable cover!

When you turn the cover, the name "Biron" grows, and the "stretching cover" appears!
The table is a panoramic view of Tokyo Tower that stretches straight into the blue sky.
Behind the scenes is Tokyo Tower and 60 years in Tokyo, drawn by illustrator and painter Jose Frankie.
This alone is worth a look.

"Tokyo of TOKYO TOWER 60 years of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo"
Left: Front cover Right: Back cover

A "special experience tour" will be presented by lottery from the purchasers! !!

We will present a special experience tour of "Tokyo of TOKYO TOWER" by lottery from those who cooperated with the questionnaire postcard included in the "Tokyo of TOKYO TOWER Tokyo Tower and 60 years of Tokyo" product. The contents of the special experience tour will be announced in the spring of 2021!
・ Please note that the prize will be returned when the product is shipped.
・ The deadline for applying for the present lottery is December 23, 2021 (effective postmark on the day)
・ Only the application postcard enclosed with this book is valid for application.

Product information

書名:『Tokyo of TOKYO TOWER 東京タワーと東京の60年』
体裁: A5判サイズ・並製/192ページ

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