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Cashless "Tokimeku, Minatoku." Local support campaign!

In Minato-ku, Tokyo, up to 30% of the usage amount (up to 6,000 yen) will be returned when paying with the cashless payment service "PayPay" for the purpose of supporting the tourism industry in the ward. , "Tokimek, Minatoku." Local support campaign Will be carried out.

Tokyo Tower is also one of the target facilities!
Anyone who uses PayPay can receive a refund, so please use it.

Stores targeted for the campaign in Tokyo Tower
・ Observatory ticket counter (main deck, top deck tour)
・ Main deck 2nd floor OFFICIAL SHOP THE SKY
・ Foot Town 3rd floor OFFICIAL SHOP GALAXY

The implementation period is from October 21st (Thursday) to December 26th (Sunday), 2021.
Please see the campaign page below for more information.

"Tokimeku, Minatoku." Local support campaign
Click here for details!

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