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The summer traditional " Milky Way illumination”
Starts from 7/1 (Wednesday)!

The Milky Way and shooting stars appear 150 meters above Tokyo. "Summer tradition" "Milky Way Illumination" light up starts from 7/1 (Wednesday)! Visit us wearing a Yukata or Jimbei from July 1st (wednesday) to July 7th (thursday) and get great discounts!

"Milky Way Illumination" is a summer tradition that colors the Tokyo Tower main deck (150 m) with vivid bright grains of light. This year, the lighting starts on July 1st!

If you look outside the window of the main deck, you will see a bright night view of Tokyo.
And if you look up at the point of view, countless light bulbs all over the ceiling will shine like the Milky Way that appeared brilliantly in the night sky of Tokyo.

You’ll get to experience the full bright of the milky way thanks to the blue and green light that creates the illusion of a starry sky and a midsummer coolness. The variation of the illumination colors creates a three-dimensional visual effect and it make looks the lights as a real milky way.

In addition, please pay attention to the scene where the white Milky Way which flows peacefully in the center of the starry sky changes to seven colors from time to time, and the shooting star mixes vigorously there! By adding various light movements, it is an illumination that can enjoy the change according to the change of scenery.

In addition from July 1st(Wednesday) to July 7th (Tuesday), all our visitors to the Main Deck or Top Deck wearing a Yukata or Jimbei can get great deals!

All our visitors wearing a Yukata or Jimbei get a disccount in their tickets to the Main Deck. In addition you can choose 1 exclusive benefit for 1 of our 7 selected stores.

Feel the cool atmosphere of the "Milky Way Illumination"! On a middle of the hot summer night, and be part of the Tanabata legend.

Milky Way illumination

●Dates:July 1st, 2020 (Wednesday)~September 22st, 2020 (Tuesday)
●Time:9:00~23:00 hours
※ This may change according to Tokyo Tower’s business hours.
●Venue: Main deck 1st floor north side
●Light Bulbs: 21,000 (Approximately)
●Fee: Admission fee to the Main Deck

Tokyo Tower! Yukata and Jimbei deals!
●Duration: 7 Days, starting on July 1st(Wednesday)to July 7th(Tuesday)
●Time: 9:00~22:00 hours
●Conditions:Promotion available for all customers wearing yukata or Jinbei.
All customers wearing yukata or Jinbei Can get a discount on the observation fee to the main deck, and you can receive one of the benefits of your favorite store from among the seven designated stores.

Discount on Main Deck fee
(tax included)

Main Deck prices (150m) Regular price Price after discount
Adults 1,200 JPY 1,100 JPY
High school students 1,000 JPY 950 JPY
(Elementary and Junior High School)
700 JPY 650 JPY
Infants(4 years old and over) 500 JPY 450 JPY

■ Get special deals and content from one of the 7 designated stores in Tokyo Tower! wearing yukata!
Here you will find a list of the 7 stores along with their location and their benefits (Prices include Tax.):

Store Name Location Promotion(Prices include Tax.)
MOTHER’S FARM CAFE Foot Town 3F Free caramel nut soft ice cream
ice cream
Foot Town 2F 1 small size ice cream for free
all flavors elegible
PINK DOT Foot Town 2F 1 Free waffle
(choose between 2 flavors)
TOWER'S DiNER Foot Town 2F Get a soft drink or mini beer for free.
MUGIWARA CAFE Foot Town 1F 1 free drink
※Only selected drinks are elegible
※At least one order from the menu is required
MARION CREPE Next to Front Entrance
Get 1 crepe for just 440 JPY
CAFÉ LA TOUR Main Deck 1F Cheesecake set:
From 780 JPY to 560 JPY
Hot dog and drink set :
From 900 JPY to 680 JPY
Hot dog and beer set:
From 1,100 JPY to 880 JPY

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