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Tokyo Tower x Little Twin Stars Summer night fantasy held!

From June 21st to September 30th, 2021
Tokyo Tower x Little Twin Stars Summer night fantasy held!


"Little Twin Stars Summer Night Fantasy", a collaboration between Tokyo Tower and Kiki & Lara, will be held until September 30th (Thursday)!

"Little Twin Stars Summer Night Fantasy meets Kiki & Lara Exhibition by LIDDELL" with lots of content expressing the clouds where Kiki & Lara lives, and the projection mapping "TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA-Little Twin Stars-" which was very popular last year. It is an event where you can enjoy the world view of Kiki & Lara full of stars and clouds!
Limited goods released in advance at this event!

In addition, the Tokyo Tower will be lit up in pink and light blue Kiki & Lara colors only on July 9th (Friday) ☆
Kiki & Lara wants everyone to smile at our stars, which are full of pink and light blue that are exciting just by looking at them!

Let's travel together with Kiki & Lara this summer in the world above the clouds where they live ♪

Tokyo Tower x Little Twin Stars Summer Night Fantasy

■開催日  2021年6月21日(月)~9月30日(木) 


☆プロジェクションマッピング「TOKYO TOWER CITY LIGHT FANTASIA -LittleTwinStars-」
  ・時間:6月21日(月)~8月26日(木) 19:00~営業終了まで
      8月27日(金)~9月16日(木) 18:30~営業終了まで
      9月17日(金)~9月30日(木) 18:00~営業終了まで

東京タワー キキ&ララカラーライトアップ

  ・日程:7月9日(金) 19:30~24:00 ※1日限定 <終了しました[7/9]>

☆体験型イベント「LittleTwinStars 夏の夜のファンタジー meets キキ&ララ展 produced by LIDDELL」
  ・日程:7月10日(土)~7月25日(日) ※期間限定 <終了しました[7/25]>
  ・場所:フットタウンB1F 東京タワーホール


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