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"東京タワー台湾祭2021GW" GW台湾パイナップル祭

Xiaolongbao! Lu meat rice! Beef noodles!
A full lineup of gourmet foods familiar in Taiwan!

The "Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival" celebrated several times it has been always a great success .
From April 16th (Friday), 2021 up to Golden Week, we will be holding the Taiwan Festival focused in the "Pineapple", a Taiwanese specialty!

As in previous years, the venue will be decorated with colorful lanterns, and you’ll be able to enjoy Taiwanese gourmet food as "Xiaolongbao", "Beef noodles" and "Minced pork rice", "Tapioca drink" and mango shaved ice.

In addition a giant pineapple "monument" with a total length of 3.8 m will be display. When purchasing your tickets you can choose one of the following presents : A whole Taiwanese pineapple or The famous Taiwanese pineapple pie.

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Whether you are a Taiwanese enthusiast who has been to Taiwan or want to go, please come and enjoy the authentic Taiwanese gourmet food!

Tokyo Tower Taiwan Festival 2021 GW Taiwan Pineapple Festival

■日 程:  2021年4月16日(金)~5月16日(日)
■時 間:  【平日】11:00~20:00【土日祝】10:00~20:00 ※4/30及び5/1は土日祝営業とします。
■会 場:  東京タワー屋外特設会場(南側駐車場)
■入場料:  一 般 : 900円 (台湾パイナップル丸ごと1個、エコバッグ付き
            800円 (パイナップルケーキ4個セット、エコバック付き
      小中学校: 500円 (パイナップルケーキ4個セット、エコバック付き
■主 催:  台湾祭実行委員会




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