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Enjoy "Setsubun" and "Mamemaki" in Main Deck!

February 3 is Setsubun(the day before the beginning of Spring)!
Enjoy "Mamemaki"(the ritual custom of scattering beans) and
eating "Ehomaki"(sushi rolls eaten during Setsubun)
while facing in the direction of good fortune from the Main Deck 150m in the sky!

On February 3 at Tokyo Tower, starting at approximately 10:45 a.m.,
from the 1st floor of the 150m high Main Deck,
we will be holding our annual event, the "Setsubun Spiritual Cleansing Ritual and Mamemaki!"


On this day, the head priest of Zojoji Temple in Shiba will first perform an exorcism
to ward away evil spirits.
Afterwards, we will conduct the "Mamemaki" ritual, using "lucky beans" and candies,
with wishes and prayers for a year filled with good health, free of disasters, and great luck and fortune.

And also, in what has become an annual Setsubun tradition,
we have prepared a special booth for "Ehomaki marukaburi"(eating Ehomaki whole without cutting)!

We hope you will join us and participate in this ritual to help bring about good luck for this year!

• Date: February 3
• Time: Setsubun Spiritual Cleansing Ritual and Mamemaki around 10:45 ~ around 11:00
     Ehomaki marukaburi 10:30 – 14:00
• Location: Main Deck, 2nd floor
• Price: Observatory admission only(participation is optional)

【What is "Ehomaki marukaburi?"】
This is a ritual performed on the day of Setsubun.
It is said that if you face in the direction of good fortune for that year,
make a wish, and silently eat a whole rolled sushi, you will be visited by good luck for that year.

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