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Together with stationery x Tokyo Tower collaboration event will be held! !!

"Stationery and Tawa"
-Exploring Tokyo Tower-

Tokyo Tower will hold a limited-time collaboration event with stationery!

[Notice of extension of holding period]
Thank you very much for visiting "Stationery and Tawa ~ Exploring Tokyo Tower ~".
Due to its popularity, many collaboration items are sold out during the exhibition period.

We received many inquiries about sold-out goods and restocking from customers who came to our store and inquiries from our store, so as many people as possible were asked to "Explore Stationery and Tawa-Tokyo Tower". We have decided to extend the collaboration period and restock limited goods so that you can enjoy "I will do it".

Please see the outline below for details.

At this event, the stationery dressed as "Tokyo Tower" and "Expedition"
Sale of limited-edition goods using completely drawn illustrations,
We will sell "Tokyo Tower Limited Collaboration Ticket" which is a set of main deck (150m) tickets that you can enjoy Tokyo Tower.

This collaboration ticket includes an admission ticket for the main deck, a special novelty, and more.
Along with the stationery expedition, a ticket for a mini-game that breaks the code hidden inside the Tokyo Tower is included!
Collaboration drinks will also be sold at the cafe on the main deck, so take a break while enjoying the view from the observatory.
Why don't you take this opportunity to enjoy Tokyo Tower with your stationery ♪

It's a special event that Tokyo Tower collaborated with stationery for a limited time of about 1 month, so please come and visit us ♪

Outline of the event

Schedule: Extension of the session from June 3, 2022 (Friday) to July 10, 2022 (Sunday)
Hours 11: 00-19: 00 (* Last reception 18:30)
* Admission may be temporarily restricted or numbered tickets may be distributed during times of congestion.
* The contents may be canceled or changed in a hurry to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
* If there are any changes, we will inform you on this website.
* Contents are subject to change without notice. Please forgive me in advance.

<Collaboration ticket & goods sales place>
Inside the "Co ・ Lab -TOKYO-" store on the 2nd floor of Foot Town
* Please note that it is not sold at the official ticket counter of Tokyo Tower.
▼ Please check the URL below for event details and original goods.


* Inquiries regarding this event are accepted only from "Inquiries" on the following site.
* Please refrain from making inquiries to Tokyo Tower.

With the extension of the session, the ongoing campaign will also be extended, so we will inform you at the same time.
■ Co-Lab TOKYO Official Twitter Campaign ■
[Campaign] With stationery x Tokyo Tower <Shikishi present campaign>
[Extended period] June 27, 2022 (Monday) -July 10, 2022 (Sunday)

■ Store campaign ■
[Campaign] Panel present lottery [Extended period] June 27, 2022 (Monday) -July 10, 2022 (Sunday)

<Collaboration ticket & goods sales place>
Inside the "Co ・ Lab -TOKYO-" store on the 2nd floor of Foot Town
* Please note that it is not sold at the official ticket counter of Tokyo Tower.

<Regarding admission to the product sales area>
Since many customers are expected to visit the store on the day,
From the viewpoint of alleviating congestion and preventing droplet infection, admission for some periods is
We will distribute timed admission tickets.

Or store Twitter (@colab_tokyo: Will guide you.

<Regarding distribution>
* Even if you line up on the day, you may not be able to enter.
* Numbered tickets with admission time will be randomly distributed.
* Customers who line up early may not be able to enter the store.
* You cannot choose the admission time.
* One admission ticket will be distributed per person.
* Preschool children can be accompanied by one adult (one numbered ticket).
* It is strictly prohibited to wait before the guidance time or secure a place. Please note that we may speak to you in some cases.
In addition, the temperature may be measured when the numbered ticket is distributed.
We cannot distribute it to those who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher. Please note.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
<Prohibited matters>
・ Waiting all night
・ Transfer and resale of numbered tickets
・ Do not follow the instructions of the staff
・ Waiting until the line formation guidance time and securing a place
・ Occupation of nearby roads and sidewalks
・ Acts such as making a loud noise or gathering in one place
・ Acts that cause inconvenience to stores in the hall and nearby stores
・ Selling products and numbered tickets using money
If you do not observe the above, we may be forced to stop admission and sales, so please follow the etiquette. Thank you for your understanding.

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