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Let's play Silver Week at the foot of Tokyo Tower!
Tokyo Tower Chibikko Vehicle Park

Ride-type playground equipment for "Royal Train" and "Dinosaurs & Animal Pets" that go around the park
"Set playground equipment" that you can play with peace of mind under the eaves and "Let's Go Thomas" that runs on the rails, etc.
"Chibikko Vehicle Park" is a collection of attractions that you can easily play " Appears in front of the front entrance of Tokyo Tower!
Let's enjoy this year's Silver Week safely and securely in the open outdoors of Tokyo Tower!

Royal train

Dinosaurs & Animal Ride

Stationary playground equipment

Let's go thomas

Tokyo Tower Chibikko Vehicle Park

Period: September 19th (Sat) -September 27th (Sun) * Canceled all day due to typhoon from September 23rd to 25th  
Time: 10: 30-16: 30
Location: In front of the front entrance of Tokyo Tower
Price: Royal train 300 yen per train
Dinosaur Ride & Animal Ride 200 yen each time
Stationary playground equipment 200 yen per time
Let's Go Thomas 200 yen each time

* For each attraction, we take measures against infectious diseases such as disinfecting playground equipment, including managing the physical condition of staff.
We may ask for your cooperation, but we appreciate your cooperation.
* Some playground equipment will be canceled in case of rain.

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