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Tokyo Tower recommends "Mokuten"!

A long time ago, I think there was a commercial copy saying "Man shut up ..."
"Silence" is the mainstream in the world.

Tokyo Tower recommends "Mokuten" in a world where phrases such as "silent meal", "silent training", and "silent walk" are flying around.
"Silent exhibition" literally means to silently appreciate the scenery. A change of pace just staring at the changing scenery of Tokyo. What do you think?

February when the air is clear and the scenery is beautiful. Tokyo Tower will present souvenirs to customers who have performed the "Silent Exhibition".

On the way back from the outlook, please present your ticket at the general information on the 1st floor and say "Silent exhibition."
(* It doesn't have to be "silent" here!) Of course, there is no problem with writing.

The 600 steps of outer stairs leading to the main deck and the open and healthy "Open Air Outer Stairs Course" are also open daily.


Currently, Tokyo Tower is implementing thorough corona measures and shortening business hours.
Now that there are no foreign customers or group customers, the observatory is a little-known spot where you can spend a relaxing time without making a dense space.
One person is also welcome! Tokyo Tower recommends "silent exhibition"!

"Silent exhibition" recommended! Let's have a silent exhibition at Tokyo Tower and get a souvenir!

● Schedule February 2nd (Tuesday) -28th (Sunday)
● Hours Observatory business hours * Please see this page for business hours.
● Contents On the way back from the observatory, present the observatory ticket at the "General Information" on the 1st floor of Foot Town, and then
Please offer "Silent exhibition". (Written conversation is fine.)

From Tokyo Tower, we will give you a small souvenir for each person.

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