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Tokyo's springtime tradition! 333 "Koinobori (carp banner)" and giant "Sanmanobori (saury banner)"will be swimming with Tokyo tower as their background!

Standing tall at 333 meters, Tokyo tower will be decorated with "333 Koinobori (carp banner)" and giant, 6-meter-long "Sanmanobori (saury banner)" in front of its main entrance starting March 27th (Fri.) through May 6th (Wed.).

The "333 Koinobori (carp banner)" and giant "Sanmanobori (saury banner)" are already a local specialty in Tokyo.
Please come and photograph the gorgeous scene of swimming Koinobori with contrasting blue sky and red tower as their background.

* Decoration duration: from March 27th (Fri.) to May 6th (Wed.) 2020
* Decoration hours: all day
* Decoration location: in front of Tokyo Tower's main entrance
- from 17:00 to 23:00, the wire tethering the 333 Koinobori will glow in 7 different colors!

※ What are koinobori?
Children's Day is celebrated on May 5th each year in Japan.
On this day, in the wish that their boys will grow up healthy, it is customary to display carp-shaped streamers made from cloth in the garden of each home.
Based on a legend about a carp that swam up a waterfall and became a dragon, each family wishes for their boys to grown up strong, just like this carp.

333 Koinobori (carp banner) of 2017 - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

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