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Keio Presso Inn Hamamatsucho x Tokyo Tower collaboration plan is now on sale!

"Keio Presso Inn Hamamatsucho" collaboration!
Why don't you spend a special time in the concept room that imaged Tokyo Tower?


In collaboration with "Keio Presso Inn Hamamatsucho", which is a 15-minute walk from Tokyo Tower,
We have a concept room that shines with the image of Tokyo Tower!

You will be greeted by a room decorated with Tokyo Tower goods and rare photographs from the time of construction ♪
It comes with Tokyo Tower original goods, so you can take it home as a souvenir.
Heal the tiredness of the day, reward yourself, spend a special day with a special person on a special day and a memorable special day

Please check this out for details
Keio Presso Inn Hamamatsucho HP

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