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Let's do a disaster prevention drill right now in case of emergency!
Tokyo Tower Disaster Prevention Fair

Do you regularly participate in disaster drills to prepare for disasters that you do not know when?
The Tokyo Tower Disaster Prevention Fair, which will be held at Tokyo Tower on Saturday, November 27, will be a good opportunity for you to easily participate in a short time and to deepen your understanding of earthquakes and fires.

Please join us to protect yourself and your family from disasters!

● Pseudo-disaster experience with VR disaster prevention experience vehicle
You can conduct "disaster prevention drills with an unprecedented sense of reality" using the latest virtual reality technology.
You can experience earthquakes, fires, and storms and floods by simulating 360-degree stereoscopic images projected on the head-mounted display (goggles) and producing vibrations, odors, and hot air from the seats.
Based on this VR experience, let's act promptly without rushing even when encountering an actual disaster.

● Earthquake experience with an earthquake simulation vehicle
It is a vehicle that allows you to experience shaking that is close to an actual earthquake.
You can train to protect your body against sudden shaking and to prevent fire from coming out of the room.
In the experience, you can experience three types of earthquakes: beginner (seismic intensity 5+), intermediate (seismic intensity 6+), and advanced (seismic intensity 7).
Let's be able to keep ourselves safe no matter when a big earthquake occurs.

● Water discharge fire extinguishing training using a town corner disaster prevention vehicle
A town corner disaster prevention vehicle is a vehicle that allows practical fire extinguishing training in narrow alleys and parks without the need for fire hydrants such as fire hydrants and fire protection tanks.
A hose is stored in a fire hydrant installed in public facilities and condominiums, and it is extended to discharge water toward the fire.
Let's use this as an opportunity to learn how to use a fire hydrant.

In addition, fire extinguishing training with a fire extinguisher and a public relations booth at the Shiba Fire Station / Minato Ward are scheduled to be exhibited, so please feel free to visit us!
* Please cooperate in wearing a mask when you come to the venue.

Tokyo Tower Disaster Prevention Fair

Date and time: Saturday, November 27, 2021 12: 30-15: 00
Meeting place: Inside the parking lot on the south side of Tokyo Tower
Fee: Free participation
Cooperation: Tokyo Fire Department Shiba Fire Station

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