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"Tokyo Tower x Akasaka Biz Tower" collaboration project!

"Tokyo Tower x Akasaka Biz Tower" collaboration project!
"We will liven up Minato Ward with various collaborations with Akasaka Biz Tower in the future! 』\

As the difficult situation continues for the tourism industry and the food and beverage industry,
Tokyo Tower and Akasaka Biz Tower have joined hands with the common desire to rediscover the fun in the vicinity.
"Noppon Brothers" will also be excited by various projects as Minato Ward Tourism Ambassador!

<東京タワー×赤坂Bizタワー 豪華プレゼントスタンプラリー!>

■内容: 期間中に赤坂Bizタワーで税込1,000円以上のお買い物またはお食事をされた方や、
■日程: 2021年8月11日(水)~9月30日(木)
■場所: 東京タワーメインデッキ1階東側

<Summer collaboration ☆ 彡 Find hidden Noppons at Akasaka Biz Tower and get Tokyo Tower goods! >

■内容: 赤坂Bizタワーのアトリウム2Fにある空中風鈴の短冊やakasaka Biz Tower Firework wallなどにいる
■日程: 2021年6月27日(日)~2021年9月30日(木)

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<Show the receipt of Akasaka Biz Tower and get an original novelty gift from Tokyo Tower! >

■ Contents: Present the receipt of Akasaka Biz Tower and receive a Tokyo Tower original novelty!
■ Schedule: April 1, 2021 (Thursday) -March 31, 2022 (Thursday)
■ Location: Information on the 1st floor of Tokyo Tower Foot Town

☆ At Akasaka Biz Tower, you can enjoy shopping and dining at a great price by presenting the Tokyo Tower observation ticket.
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