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Approximately 600 steps of outer stairs leading up to a height of 150m! "Open Air Outer Stairs Walk" collaborates with Ezaki Glico's Papico!

Tokyo Tower specialty! About 600 steps of outer stairs that continue up to 150m in height "Open Air Outer Stairs Walk" collaborates with Papico of Ice Ezaki Glico, which everyone loves for a limited time!
August 5th is "Papico Day"! A trivia quiz about PaPiCO will appear in the middle of the stairs!

Even a small child like a kindergarten can climb in about 15 minutes while watching the scenery of Tokyo and being blown by the good waters, especially for those who are not exercising! From July 12th to August 28th, a trivia quiz about the ice cream Ezaki Glico's Papico, which everyone loves, will appear on the "healthy and open" about 600 steps of "Open Air Outer Stairs Walk"!

また、8月5日(金)は、オープンエア外階段ウォークの入口で「8月5日は〇〇〇の日」のクイズを出題。クイズに答えて正解されたお客様にパピコ チョココーヒー、スマイルプラス+ パピコ チョココーヒーを、先着333名様、お1人様お一つプレゼントします!

パピコ チョココーヒー

お子さまには、おいしさそのまま ミドルサイズのスマイルプラス+ パピコ チョココーヒー


Open air outside stairs walk

Please see here for details on the opening day.
● Fee A normal viewing fee is required.
Everyone will receive a non-sale "Certificate of climbing stairs".

Open-air outside stairs walk x Ezaki Glico papico collaboration

●概 要     7月12日(火)~8月28日(日)まで 昇り階段の途中に、みんな大好きなアイス
        8月5日(金)「パピコの日」は、クイズに答えて正解されたお客様にパピコ チョココーヒー(おとな)、
        スマイルプラス+ パピコ チョココーヒー(お子さま)を先着333名様、お1人様お一つプレゼントします。

● Notes
・ You cannot transfer to the elevator in the middle of the outer stairs.
(You can use the elevator to return from the main deck.)
・ The opening time may change without notice.
・ Please get enough hydration and take a break as needed to climb at your own pace.
・ The ascending stairs and the descending stairs are different routes.
(Upstairs users and downstairs users do not pass each other.)
-An "antibacterial coating" is also applied to the inside of the outer stairs (including the stairs and handrails).
・ You do not need to wear a mask if you can keep a distance of 2m or more from the front and back customers during the walk on the outer stairs.
(Please wear a mask when approaching other customers, such as when taking a break in the middle of the stairs.)
・ The design of the "Certificate of climbing stairs" is subject to change.

There are 10 types of certificate designs!
Let's complete!

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