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Change into a yukata and jinbei for a little profit! Let's enjoy Tokyo Tower and Minato Ward area with yukata!

Only customers wearing yukata or Jinbei can get a discount on the main deck ticket with a height of 150m, and receive discounts and benefits from stores in Tokyo Tower. It will be held from Sunday (Friday) to August 31st (Wednesday). In addition, it will be held at 7 facilities in the Minato Ward area of Takeshiba and Azabu at the same time!

"Great value in yukata! Part 1

The main deck ticket is discounted by 100 yen for adults and 50 yen for high school students and younger! With the scenery from the observatory in the background, please enjoy the summer feature "Milky Way Illuminations" and the summer projection mapping "CITY LIGHT FANTASIA ~ Summer landscape ~"!

* This service is limited to same-day tickets. If you wish, please purchase the main deck ticket at the ticket counter.

Great value with yukata! Part 2

You can receive various discounts and benefits at the target stores in Tokyo Tower!
Go around the hall and go around a little profitable service.

Please see here (pdf) for the target stores and service contents.

Please show the privilege leaflet (smartphone screen or leaflet installed in the hall) at each store and let us know about the service application.

Great value with yukata! Part 3

Not only Tokyo Tower, but even more great benefits are crunchy! Enjoy your yukata life to your heart's content in the Minato Ward area!
The following 7 stores are also packed with various discounts and benefits. We will try to revitalize the area by going around the Minato Ward area.

A10 hotel azabu ten


A 5-minute walk from Azabujuban Station. hotel azabu ten is a compact luxury hotel where you can "reset yourself" in the middle of the city. You can also enjoy your meal at the restaurant on the garden terrace.

<Bonus content>
❶ Chef's special freshly baked madeleine will be presented for the number of people (for customers who ordered course meals for both lunch and dinner)
❷ Yukata campaign limited "welcome drink" will be presented for each person
[Hotel azabu ten]
❶ Spanish luxury amenity brand Natura Bise present (1 per stay)
❷ One bottle of sparkling wine as a gift
❸ azabu ten Guest-only travel name tags will be presented for each person

hotel azabu ten official website


Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai


On the vast site at the foot of Tokyo Tower, there is "Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai" where the atmosphere of Edo is alive. Please enjoy the extraordinary moments that surround the world of Japanese style and hospitality.

<< Benefits >>
1 glass of draft beer service
* For alcohol NG, 1 cup of oolong tea is served.
* Those who use the "Yukata Meal Plan" from Toufuya Ukai, Tokyo.
* Please give us a few words from the "Yukata Deals Campaign".

Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai Official HP


Atre Takeshiba

Nail salon SPANAIL
Rental space SHAKOBA
Cafe Japanese Cafe Tsumugi

"Atre Takeshiba" opens in "WATERS takeshiba". Satisfy your curiosity by increasing your sensibility a little away from your daily life. Please spend such a special daily life.
<< Benefits >>
[Nail Salon SPANAIL]
For those who use the Polish Gel One Color Course "One Art Service!"
[Rental space SHAKOBA]
Free ice cream service for drink orders
[Japanese Cafe Tsumugi]
5% off for those who follow the official Instagram of Japanese Cafe Tsumagi

Atre Takeshiba Official HP


Symphony Cruise


The Tokyo Bay cruise ship Symphony offers lunch cruises, sunset cruises, and dinner cruises to Odaiba, Tokyo Gate Bridge, and Haneda Airport.
Passing through the two bridges, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Gate Bridge, is Symphony's original route. Enjoy the dynamic scenery of Tokyo from the sea.
<< Benefits >>
[Lunch / Afternoon / Sunset / Dinner]
1 drink service for those who present
(1 glass of wine, orange juice, or oolong tea)
* May be suspended. Please check the Symphony Cruise website for flight information.
* Cannot be combined with other discounts

Symphony Cruise Official HP


The Prince Park Tower Tokyo


The green forest of Shiba Park. The Prince Park Tower Tokyo is a hotel nestled in it. It is an oasis in the city where you can spend time with the Tokyo Tower that you can see up close.
In the lobby lounge, enjoy a tea time in a space where the light shining through the large windows illuminates the interior with a sense of openness, and in the Stellar Garden, enjoy a cocktail with the night view of Tokyo.
<< Benefits >>
Sky Lounge Stellar Garden (33F)
Lobby lounge (1F)
10% off when you come to the store wearing a yukata


Former Shiba Rikyu Garden

Famous as one of the daimyo gardens in the early Edo period, it is a traditional Japanese garden represented by Minato Ward.
While it has a calm atmosphere, it is a charming garden where you can see the modern buildings from the garden.

<< Benefits >>
・ Admission discount (group fee applied)
* Please present the Tokyo Tower observation ticket.
* If the former Shiba Rikyu Garden is closed due to corona infection, the benefits of this garden will be lost.
・ Children's guidebook gifts for children  

Former Shiba Rikyu Garden Official HP


Tokyo Mizube Line

The water bus / Tokyo Mizube Line departs from Waters Takeshiba and operates in the direction of Odaiba, Ryogoku and Asakusa.
There is also a tour course of about 45 minutes, and when you go up to the upper deck, you can see Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, etc.
You can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view.

<< Benefits >>
10% discount on boarding ticket for Tokyo Mizube Line
* At the water bus ticket office in "Waters Takeshiba"
If you show your Tokyo Tower ticket (electronic ticket, paper ticket),
You can purchase a boarding ticket at a 10% discount from the regular fare.
《Bonus period》
July 1st (Friday) -August 28th (Sunday), 2022 * Holidays: Monday-Wednesday (however, 7 / 14-8 / 21 operates daily)
・ This is a privilege limited to "Waters Takeshiba".
・ Cannot be used in combination with other discounts.
・ Not applicable to internet reservations.
・ Holidays: Monday-Wednesday (however, 7 / 14-8 / 21 operates daily)
・ During the discount period, there may be temporary holidays or sudden cancellations.
・ Please check the official website of Tokyo Mizube Line below for flight status.

Tokyo Mizube Line Official HP




■金額:男性/女性 一律3000円(税込)※着物レンタル・メインデッキチケットを含みます。

          【男性】浴衣・帯・下駄・腰ひも・タオル ※小物バックのご用意はございません



11:00 東京タワー到着(浴衣にお着替え)
11:30 港区満喫コースへ出発
12:00 増上寺へ到着(増上寺と東京タワーを背景に写真を撮ろう!)
13:00 ザ・プリンス パークタワー東京にてランチ
    【浴衣ポイント①】 浴衣着用でロビーラウンジ(1F)とスカイラウンジ ステラガーデン(33F)が10%OFFに!
15:00 旧芝離宮恩賜庭園にて散策
    【浴衣ポイント②】 浴衣着用&東京タワーメインデッキチケットご提示で入場料割引(団体料金適用)!
17:00 アトレ竹芝で夏満喫のかき氷を食べよう!
    【浴衣ポイント⓷】 浴衣着用で和カフェTsumugiの公式インスタグラムをフォローしてくれた方5%OFFに!
18:30 東京タワーメインデッキで天の川イルミネーションを満喫
    【浴衣ポイント④】 天の川イルミネーション×浴衣はインスタ映え間違いなし!

19:30 返却


It's Tokyo Tower! Great value with yukata!

■ Period: July 1st (Friday) -August 31st (Wednesday), 2022 
■ Time: Regarding the business status of Tokyo Tower Observatory and each store,Hereplease look at.
■ Target: All customers wearing yukata or jinbei
■ Contents: ① Discount on the viewing fee to the main deck.
Large person: 1,200 yen → 1,100 yen
High school student: 1,000 yen → 950 yen
Elementary and junior high school students: 700 yen → 650 yen
Infants (4 years old and over): 500 yen → 450 yen

(2) Services such as discounts and benefits at designated stores in Tokyo Tower.
Regarding the target stores and service contents, Here (pdf) please look at.
③ Services such as discounts and benefits at facilities near Tokyo Tower.
Please see the above article for the target stores and service contents.
* For customers who have purchased tickets in advance, the main deck ticket discount is available.
Although it is not applicable, you can use the benefits of ② and ③.

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