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"Top Deck Special Elevator Tour"

Upon the reopening of the Tokyo Tower Observatory on May 28th, entry into the Top Deck with a height of 250m is allowed through the limited-time "Top Deck Special Elevator Tour," as the usual "Top Deck Tour" is halted.

This "Top Deck Special Elevator Tour" involves all of the elevators for the climb to the Top Deck being rented out to visitors from the same group, allowing family members and friends to participate together without hesitation.
To add, groups are of 1-4 visitors, and the tour fees are a flat rate of 8,000 yen (after tax).

In addition, we kindly ask for your understanding that the following points will differ from the usual "Top Deck Tour."
・Tickets will be sold on the day of at the Tokyo Tower Ticket Counter. There are no reservations or presales.
・The multilingual voice guide systems in 13 languages and rental binoculars will not be available for rental.
・In order to maintain space between visitors in the Observatory, the time slots for tour participation will be shortened and limited.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding our "Requests to Visitors" listed on this page.

Please take your time to enjoy the wonderful views from the Top Deck, which overlooks the Tokyo Metropolis from its center.

Top Deck Special Elevator Tour

・Date: Open every day from May 28th (Thursday) to June 14th(Sunday)
・Hours: 9:00 - 21:00 (cut-off time at 20:15)
・Fees: 8,000 yen (after tax, flat rate for 1-4 visitors)*

*There are no reservations or presales for tickets. Please purchase tickets at the Ticket Counter on the day of.
*We may be closed, such as during foul weather conditions.
*We kindly ask for your understanding that there will be differences in content compared to the usual "Top Deck Tour."
Also, the usual "Top Deck Tour" will be halted for the time being.
In addition, please click here for details on the Top Deck.
*Since June 13th (Saturday) the fee will be changed to the following:
From 1 up to 2 people=4,000 JPY
3 people=6,000 JPY
4 people=8,000 JPY

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