Frequently Asked Questions / Barrier Free Information

For visitors with wheelchairs
  • Allow us to guide you through the barrier-free way from the entrance to the Main Deck(150m)elevator
  • The elevator goes to the 2nd floor of the Main Deck. If you would like to move to the 1st floor of the Main Deck, please tell a nearby staff member.
  • We have 5 rental wheelchairs ready for use. Please tell a staff member if you would like to use one. Because the number of chairs is limited, we recommend that you reserve one in advance. (Contact Tokyo Tower Office Department: 03-3433-5111)
  • We ask that visitors arriving by car please inform the parking lot entrance staff. They will guide you to a parking space near the entrance. (In cases when the parking lot is full, we will guide you to the most convenient space available.)
  • Parking fees are necessary as is standard. The first hour is 600 yen/Every 30 minutes following is an additional 300 yen
Information on restrooms accessible for the physically handicapped
For visitors accompanying small children
  • There are women's restrooms with diaper changing stations on the 1st floor of the Main Deck and in FootTown. Please feel free to use them.
  • About strollers
    Strollers are free to board the elevators. However, please understand that we may ask you to fold them up when there are large crowds. Strollers are available for lending at the 1st floor information desk. (Please understand the number of strollers is limited)
AED equipment
If you feel unwell
  • There is a medical office in the 1st floor basement. Nurses are working from 9am to 5pm. After 5pm there are beds and simple first-aid kits available.
About entering with guide dogs, service dogs or hearing assistance dogs
  • Visitors may be accompanied by guide dogs, service dogs or hearing assistance dogs.
About entering with pets
  • Pets other than assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, hearing assistance dogs) are absolutely not allowed to accompany you.
    Note: Admittance rules were revised on May 1st, 2019.
About coin lockers
  • Coin lockers (paid) are available on the 1st floor of FootTown. Usage time: 9am - 10pm (Use is limited to one day.)
    ·Type A Depth: 64.5cm x Width: 35.5cm x Height: 84.3cm 4 lockers available 600 yen
    ·Type B Depth: 57.5cm x Width: 35.5cm x Height: 84.3cm 6 lockers available 600 yen
    ·Type C Depth: 64.5cm x Width: 35.5cm x Height: 55.0cm 15 lockers available 500 yen
    ·Type D Depth: 57.5cm x Width: 35.5cm x Height: 40.4cm 4 lockers available 300 yen
About smoking areas

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